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Late Night: Stephen Colbert tweaks Anderson 'Pooper'

August 19, 2011 |  8:52 am

Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper

If CNN anchor Anderson Cooper thought he could dissolve into a puddle of giggles on live TV while poking fun at French actor Gerard Depardieu's airplane peeing episode without himself getting laughed at on late-night TV, Stephen Colbert has proven him wrong.

On "The Colbert Report" Thursday night, Colbert seemed to take special pleasure in ridiculing the "CNN wood elf" for losing his composure after making a scatological pun on Depardieu's name (and not a very funny one: "Depard-two?" Really, Anderson?).

"We have found Anderson Cooper's kryptonite: celebrity poop puns," Colbert said. "Well, Anderson, if Depard-two tickled your funny bone, I'm about to slit your jocular vein."

Colbert then unleashed a flurry of fecal puns on famous names. We may never look at Dame Judy Dench the same way again.

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Anderson Cooper's Kryptonite
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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Stephen Colbert, left, and Anderson Cooper. Credit: Associated Press and Getty Images.