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'Entourage' recap: You're a mope!

August 22, 2011 |  9:01 am

'Entourage's' Vince gears up for an interview with Vanity Fair

With his career at a crossroads, Vincent Chase’s trusty public relations aide Shauna lands him an interview with Vanity Fair. The only problem is Vince thinks he can bat his eyes and flirt his way through it.

“Don’t worry, I got it,” he tells Shawna before meeting up with British bombshell Sophia. Unfortunately, Vince is not so good at reading people and he can’t tell that that Sophia isn’t buying his act. After his 18th lame attempt to hit on her, she says she’s got enough for the story and hits the road.

Shauna wants to do damage control, but Vince takes matters into his own hands and sweet talks the writer back to his hotel. There he opens up a little more and for once the character of Vincent Chase almost becomes interesting. Unfortunately, we only get a few seconds of an unscripted and unguarded Vince before Sophia wraps it up, rejects another pass and heads out the door.

Photos: Hollywood Backlot -- On the set of 'Entourage'

Vince isn’t the only one having trouble with women. Eric gets a visit from actress Melinda Clarke, who also happens to be the ex-stepmother of Eric’s ex-fiance, Sloane. Fresh from a divorce from Sloan’s father, Terrence, Melinda comes to Eric looking for new management.

Eric’s gut tells him to run this by Sloan, but his partner, Scott, talks him out of it. Bad move for Eric, who seems as clueless as Benjamin Braddock was when Mrs. Robinson seduced him. Before Eric knows it, both are drunk and in bed. Right on cue a call comes in from Sloan telling Eric that Melinda had told Terrence she was going to sleep with him.  Well, the good news is she still wants Eric to manage her.

Also messing up big time was Ari. Still reeling from his wife dating Bobby Flay, who Ari has dubbed Chef Boyardee, he can’t even spend the day with his kids without messing up. Son Jonah and daughter Sarah come to the office to meet him to go to Disneyland.

Instead, Ari gets stuck in meetings all day and while Jonah is willing to forgive because he worships his father, Sarah and Mrs. Ari have had enough. Ari’s latest broken promise, she says, shows “how worthless your words are” and that she’s filed for divorce.

Hard to get happy after that one. Ari checks into a hotel and gets smashed and drunk dials Dana Gordon, the studio chief who recently provided him some relief from the pain of his marriage. Even though she too has every reason to be furious with Ari, she also relates to him and hits the *69 on her phone and lends a sympathetic ear.

While Vince, Eric and Ari having female troubles, Johnny is having career problems. Andrew Dice Clay has still not returned to work and his replacement, Jamie Kennedy, isn’t cutting it.

Willing to do anything to save the show, Johnny goes to Dice and makes the incredibly generous offer to pay him extra money out of his own salary. Dice is touched but not interested.  In one of the funniest lines in the history of “Entourage,” Dice tells Drama that he reached out to his old agent, Mike Ovitz for help. What did he say, Drama asked. “He hasn’t called me back yet,” Dice said.

Recognizing that without Dice’s voice, there is little hope for  “Johnny’s Bananas” succeeding, Drama goes to the network and tries to make the case to give Dice more money. Phil, the network executive in charge of the show, fires up a joint and tries to sell Drama some bull that the network wants him to be the star anyway and that Dice’s role won’t be all that important down the road. Drama then decides if he’s so important then he can go on strike too and heads out the door.

Kudos to the writers of this episode for successfully navigating four distinct story-lines. The only one left on the sidelines was Turtle, which has pretty much been the case all season. It’s as if the writers decided that a slimmed-down Turtle isn’t as entertaining. Hopefully that won’t continue to be the case, and Turtle will get some decent scenes too as "Entourage" starts to wind down its final season.


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-- Joe Flint

Photo: HBO's "Entourage." Credit: HBO.