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'So You Think You Can Dance': Who didn't make the Top Ten?

July 14, 2011 | 10:01 pm

AR7_MG_9222 In many ways, Thursday’s episode was your typical “So You Think You Can Dance” results show. Exciting opening group number (The Latin-flavored “El Fuego,” choreographed by Kelley Abbey.) Amazing guest dance routine (Jason Samuels Smith & Anybody Can Get It performing one of those group tap numbers that makes tap-dancing look cool.) Mediocre guest celebrity performance by a singer who dances and poses in lieu of actual singing (Nicole Scherzinger. Doesn’t it seem like she’s performed on “SYTYCD” five times already?)

But one thing was very different Thursday night, and it wasn’t just the announcement of the show’s numerous Emmy nominations.

It was that...

...FINALLY the judges (and America) got it right in the elimination department.

First, Cat Deeley announced which couples were in the bottom three: Caitlynn and Mitchell (that hip-hop dance from Wednesday night did them in), Ryan and Ricky (as I predicted) and Sasha and Alexander (which was a surprise, since they performed well and got good judges’ comments.)  

We saw some fantastic solos. Caitlynn made me like Lady Gaga’s song “Edge of Glory” because she actually seemed like she was living the song out through her dance -- she really was dancing for her life.  And both Mitchell and Ricky owned the stage during their solos. I loved the strength and grace of Mitchell’s leg up in the air at the end of his performance and Ricky’s little addition of attitude to his dance to “Body Language.” I knew those three had to stay.  Sasha’s solo wasn’t as great as I would have hoped, but I love her so much I hoped the judges would keep her. So that left...Alex and Ryan, the one boy and one girl I’ve been ready to see go several weeks ago, yet who had slipped through again and again.

Finally, the judges agreed with me. They unanimously agreed that after Wednesday night’s lackluster performance and her less than stellar solo, it was time for Ryan to go home. I personally didn’t see how Alex’s solo was as big a disaster as Nigel said it was, but regardless, I’m happy that Sasha will get a new partner. Well, with the partner-switching coming up, she’d get one anyway, but you know what I mean.

Speaking of partners, do you have any dream-teams you’d like to see get matched up next week? Which All-Stars are you most excited to see return to the show? And which Emmy-nominated dances were you most excited to see clips from? For me it was “Mad World” and “Outta Your Mind” -- even if the injured Alex Wong can't be an All-Star, at least he's still representing.

--Claire Zulkey
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Photo: Cat Deeley.  Credit: Adam Rose / FOX