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'So You Think You Can Dance': We need couples therapy

July 7, 2011 |  9:48 pm

_MG_6430 I guess I partially have myself to blame. I assumed America loved Ryan and Ricky’s “Fashion” from last night and would instantly rush to vote for them, and, thus, I didn’t feel the need to vote. I definitely never expected Ryan and Ricky to be in the bottom three Thursday night, but they were, and I also never expected Sasha and Alex to be safe after Wednesday night’s unpopular hip-hop routine, yet they were. Things were simply topsy turvy. I mean, Nigel Lythgoe made a special point of shouting out Kim Kardashian in the audience, which is a slap in the face to everyone else in the building with talent, and that includes the crew and other audience members.  

I didn’t have a problem with the other two couples in the bottom two, though. Ashley and Chris didn’t seem to connect that well with their salsa Wednesday night, nor did Jordan and Tadd’s waltz seem to move the crowd.

With that bit of order restored to the universe, I was mollified, along with the night’s excellent performances. I loved “Kata Kata,” the fun, colorful, high-energy Bollywood number that opened the show (Bollywood is like pizza: Even when it’s not at its best it’s still pretty great.) Then the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (who you may have seen in “The Adjustment Bureau”) performed an intriguing, edgy number that I could have easily seen Sasha performing in.  Then there was Florence and the Machine. It’s so enjoyable when a singer actually, y’know, sings live without the help of backing tracks or autotuner.  I don’t know if I’m Florence and the Machine’s biggest fan, but I appreciate Florence Welch’s talent and how glorious she is--she just commands a stage in a straightforward, authentic way.

Of the solos, Chris’ was by far my favorite. I wish that he was able to demonstrate that much character when he dances for other choreographers as when he dances on his own because I loved his otherworldly, insect-like b-boy routine.  I thought Jordan’s solo was sexy, but I also wondered if we’re ever going to see much more from her than just “sexy.” And I loved the cheerfulness of Tadd’s solo, but I didn’t think he made the most of his time onstage--I thought he clowned a bit more than he needed to. Also, I loved Ryan’s coffee/olive-colored sheer fringed dress.  

Of the three girls, I would have selected Jordan to go home because I didn’t think that she’s shown us enough variety to date. However, just when I was thinking, “Ashley’s eye makeup is so pretty,” it was announced that she was eliminated, so not only did the wrong person get sent home, but all that pretty eye makeup got cried off.  

I wish Nigel Lythgoe would address whether they’re purposefully eliminating couples this season, because if they are, I can just deal with it and move on. But after Ashley’s elimination was announced, I thought spitefully, “Well, that means Chris is getting eliminated,” and I was right.  I wasn’t as bothered by Chris’ elimination as I was Ashley’s, but this trend has made results nights much more predictable.

I was heartened, at least, by how much affection the dancers all had for each other. I thought it was adorable that all the guys held hands as they waited to hear the results, and after the results were announced, it seemed like the remaining dancers rushed the stage as quickly as possible to hug and console their fallen comrades.  

Do you think the right people were sent home?  Do you miss the couple-switching that comes with individual eliminations?

--Claire Zulkey

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Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Carmen Electra and Travis Wall. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX