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About (Late) Last Night: Suicidal 'Harry Potter' 'fan' threatens to jump on 'Conan' [Video]

July 21, 2011 |  6:14 am

Now that the final "Harry Potter" film has been released, fans everywhere are in a state of mourning. One particularly upset "fan" stormed the set of "Conan" Wednesday night. Host Conan O'Brien was in the middle of his monologue, when a voice cried out from the rafters.

"I've got nothing to live for," proclaimed a young, bespectacled man, dressed in a maroon-and-gold scarf and a billowing black cape. "No more spells, no more transfigurations, no more charm classes. I feel like a curse has been cast on my heart by the death-eaters."

"What about your loved ones? What about your wife? Your girlfriend?" Conan asked.

"Well, now you're just mocking me," the Potter super-fan replied. "I'm a man without a purpose."

Just then, a masked man -- who, come to think of it, looked a lot like Andy Richter -- emerged from the shadows. "Step away from that railing, Citizen Nerd," he commanded.

"Batman?" the young man wondered.

"Yeah, sure. ... I'm Batman. Here, these ought to cheer you up," he said, handing the distraught youngster two VIP passes to the "Dark Knight" panel at Comic-Con --"with a guaranteed three seconds of eye contact with Christopher Nolan."

"I haven't been so excited since Harry took the billywig so he could breathe underwater and save Ron," said the Potter fan.

The masked man suddenly had a change of heart. "I'm gonna take those back. You know you bring a lot of this on yourself, you nerd."


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-- Meredith Blake