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'The Voice' recap: Cee Lo gets poetic; finalists are named

June 23, 2011 |  9:53 am

Not knowing whether there'd be a brief delay in the start of the show thanks to President Obama, suspense was building Wednesday night about who would advance to the finals on "The Voice," and it had us feeling creative. So we wrote a poem.

Yeah, right.

We wouldn't dare compete with the verses of Cee Lo Green, who really did pen a poem for his team -- how that man managed to find time to do that amid all that practicing of throwing his (toupee) hair back and forth (he performed his single, "Bright Lights, Bigger City" during the show) is worthy of applause. But he did. And we want you to relive it. So here it is:

'Something very supernatural and extraordinary about you, the two brightest stars in the sky tonight.

'No matter where you go, I will be there in spirit and song and if you ever call me I'll come running. 

The revolution’s is being televised. Red till I'm dead.'

And so it began. One member from each team moved on to the finals. Coaches Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Green submitted a score by divvying up 100 points between their two members. Then America's votes were added in, with equal weight, and we found out who got the most points. (The more times we explain it, the more it sort of makes sense).

First up, Team Cee Lo: Nakia vs. Vicci Martinez. Nakia thanked his boyfriend for all the sacrifices he's made to support him, and Vicci held back tears when Carson Daly underscored the fact that she'd be fulfilling her dad's dream of a music career, which he gave up to raise a family.

Cee Lo gave Nakia 51 points and Vicci 49 -- and all the singers are taking mental notes to never use those drummers again. But after adding America's scores, it was Vicci that proceeded to the finals.

But with Team Adam, it wasn't such a close call. Adam gave Casey Weston a 35 and Javier Colon a 65, explaining he did so because Casey is still young enough to make a career for herself.  After adding America's votes, Javier came out victorious. And so came the end of the dresses with cowboy boots.

Then things got slightly more suspenseful as the remaining coaches were less inclined to play "Sophie's Choice," divvying their scores up evenly between team members. 

In the battle between Dia Frampton and Xenia, it seems America was not as smitten with Xenia's awkwardness as one might suspect -- to her relief, it appeared. 

Lastly, it was the battle of the bald women on Team Christina -- Frenchie Davis and Beverly McClellan. Giving each of her team members a score of 50, Christina left it up to America. And the voters wanted Bev. But, hey, Frenchie, there's always "The X Factor," right?

To sum up: Vicci Martinez, Javier Colon, Dia Frampton and Beverly McClellan are the four finalists.

ShowTrackers, are you happy with the four finalists? Who do you think has the voice? 

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Video: The semi-finalists perform George Michael's "Freedom." Credit: NBC