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'Food Network Star' recap: Faking out the bakers

June 20, 2011 | 12:46 pm

Alicia_gets_eliminated300 Did we not see this one coming from a mile away? And do you now know why I say Katy Clark of Long Beach was the wrong choice to go home last week?

Both Chris and Alicia have been on the very short list of "gotta goes" since, oh, the moment they stepped on set. Alicia once again melted down after convulsing her way through a compelling challenge that divided the contestants into two teams, and had them preparing "the most spectacular dessert imaginable" on behalf of the network's Darth Vader -- Robert Irvine -- and the "Ace of Cakes" Duff Goldman. Alicia, who allegedly made cupcakes for a living at one point, delivered barely consumable cupcakes and went down in flames. (Priceless moment: Alicia, unable to talk and count eggs at the same time.)

I actually would have sent the pie-flopping Chris home last night instead of Alicia, even though he was on the winning team. That guy can't cook, and he's too cocky to even realize he can't cook. Alicia could arguably get a few extra points for self-awareness. Moreover, if she stuck around at least one more week, it would have paved the way for some more fireworks with Penny. Bad move, judges.

Speaking of Penny: She was awfully complimentary of Jyll's dish, and it made me wonder. Has Penny been caught on camera at all the wrong moments? Yes, she has some sharp elbows. But. Yet. Still. She is growing on me. How about you?

I find myself fearing for Orchid. She could be in the throes of a bad case of Jeffrey-itis. You know, when you start the competition strong out of the gate and then get dinged for ... being so good? Something like that. Grow, Orchid, grow!

Finally, surprise, surprise: Vic can cook.

I think we're in for a few weeks of picking off the weakest members of the herd, including Mary Beth, Chris and Wooden Man, a.k.a. Justin B.


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-- Rene Lynch

Photo: Alicia. Photo credit: Food Network