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About (Late) Last Night: Justin Bieber has met Selena Gomez's mom, 'passed the test' [Video]

June 10, 2011 |  8:52 am


You have to give credit to Selena Gomez. She's only 18, and looks younger, but she's a pro when it comes to maintaining her cool.

Consider her appearance on Thursday night's "Tonight Show." Gomez had the unenviable job of following  Jim Carrey -- a star not exactly known for yielding the spotlight to others -- but she handled it with good humor.

Jay Leno asked Gomez whether she enjoyed her recent photo shoot for Teen Vogue. "It's a little awkward, to be honest," she confessed. "I never know what to do."

Carrey couldn't quite resist the temptation to chime in. "Do they make you vomit?" he asked.

Gomez -- who, for the record, was not made to vomit for the shoot -- took Carrey's joking in stride, laughing and burying her face in her hands.

She also withstood the inevitable grilling about her romance with fellow teen sensation, Justin Bieber. Gomez was talking about her mother when Leno seized the opportunity to (awkwardly) change the subject. "Has your mom met Justin Bieber?" he asked.

"Yes," Gomez said. "He passed the test."

The "Monte Carlo" actress was even quick on the uptake when Carrey poked fun of her Texas roots. Gomez was discussing her move to Los Angeles at the age of 14 when Carrey asked, with feigned sincerity, " Do you find that everything's smaller here?"

"Oh, 'cause everything's bigger in Texas?" she responded, laughing politely.

Hey, what's a lame joke or two when you've got maniacal Bieber fans to contend with?


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-- Meredith Blake