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About (Late) Last Night: Jon Stewart responds to allegations of racism with montage of offensive accents [Video]

June 29, 2011 |  7:53 am

For the last two weeks, a war of words has been raging between Jon Stewart and Fox News. It's hard to tell who's gotten more mileage out of the controversy, but what's clear is that neither side will let it rest. (Note: The video above has some raw language amid the punchlines.)

In the latest round in the ongoing feud, Fox News blasted Stewart's "racist" impersonation of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. (In the segment in question, Stewart ridiculed Cain's proposal to limit all federal bills to three pages, playing up his Southern accent and declaring, "I don't like to read.") On Tuesday, Stewart defended himself not by refuting the allegations of racism, but by arguing that he's an equal-opportunity offender.

"Well if my ridicule of silly things using bizarre caricatured voices has given Fox what appears to be several days of very strong programming, your cup's about to runneth over," he declared, launching into another broad, finger-wagging stereotype. "Grab a knife and fork, Fox. I have turned my crack research team on myself."

What followed was a two-minute reel of Stewart doing every offensively cartoonish accent imaginable: Italian-American, German, Jewish, Arab, Mexican, English, Scottish. The montage was certainly very amusing, but it was also a classic Stewart pivot. If he wants to go head-to-head with Fox News, he may want to come up with a better argument than "No, really, I'm just a comedian."


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-- Meredith Blake