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About (Late) Last Night: Jon Cryer on Charlie Sheen's meltdown: 'I did not see it coming' [Video]

June 9, 2011 |  8:01 am


"Boy, you've had an eventful six months, huh?" David Letterman asked "Two and a Half Men" star Jon Cryer on Wednesday night's "Late Show."

Of course, Letterman was referring to the very public meltdown of Cryer's co-star, Charlie Sheen. The host compared the actor's much-publicized flameout to a comet. "When you hear a report that there's a comet in the sky, and then you go up and you look at it you're not quite sure what it is, then two or three days later, it's gone. What happened exactly? Where did it begin? Do you remember the origins of this?"

"No, I don't. It's as much a mystery to me as everybody, I think," Cryer said, though one memory does stand out: getting a text from a friend after Sheen had questioned the masculinity of Thomas Jefferson. "I said, 'I think things are getting out of hand.'"

"Is this one of those deals where everybody that worked with the guy could see this coming?" Letterman asked.

Cryer said there was no precedent for Sheen's behavior. "This has never happened before. I mean honestly, it wasn't like, you know, back in 1963 everybody remembers when Fred MacMurray went [crazy] and started talking about Freemason ninjas and stuff," he joked. "Nobody knew. Nobody was prepared for this. I did not see it coming."

Cryer also claimed that he loves Sheen, whom he considers "a great friend."

Letterman didn't seem convinced. "He called you names, he called you a troll or something,"

"Yes, as friends do," Cryer said facetiously.

The conversation eventually turned to the subject of Ashton Kutcher, who was hired to replace Sheen starting this fall. The two actors met briefly, a deal was hammered out and, just like that, Cryer and Kutcher were on board the CBS corporate jet, en route to upfronts in New York City.

It was all going swimmingly, that is until Kutcher boarded the plane and, according to Cryer, declared: "You know what I love about private jets? You can bring knives on board."

"Chapter 2!" Letterman joked. "He's crazy like the first guy!"

For Cryer's sake -- and Thomas Jefferson's too -- let's hope not.

-- Meredith Blake