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Why is 'Dancing With the Stars' beating 'American Idol' in the ratings?

Ralphkarinamay2 Why is "Dancing With the Stars" suddenly beating "American Idol" in the ratings?

Last week, for the second time in a row, ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” topped Fox’s “American Idol” as the nation’s No. 1 show.

“Dancing” scored 21.4 million total viewers for the May 2 performance episode, narrowly beating out the Wednesday and Thursday episodes of Fox’s “American Idol,” which has for years been TV’s most popular program.

And overall, “Dancing” is headed toward its most-watched season ever, despite the lack of a ripped-from-the-tabloids contestant, such as Bristol Palin or Kate Gosselin from previous seasons.

CBS still pulled out the top spot for the week ending May 8, but it was a somewhat closer race than earlier this season. CBS averaged 10 million viewers, trailed by ABC (9.1 million), Fox (8.4 million) and NBC (5.7 million).

So what's up? Believe it or not, it all may have something to do with — duh! — Charlie Sheen. CBS has been forced to air repeats of “Two and a Half Men” since production was halted and star Sheen was fired earlier this season. That has caused the network’s entire Monday schedule to droop.

That in turn may be helping “Dancing” hook more viewers on Mondays.

Of course, there's a big caveat. "Idol" is still way more popular than "Dancing" among young adults — the viewers advertisers really care about. The Wednesday "Idol" logged 8.6 million viewers ages 18 to 49, compared with just 5.9 million for the Monday "Dancing."

Among adults ages 18 to 49, Fox remained No. 1 with a 2.8 rating, followed by ABC (2.5), CBS (2.2) and NBC (2.0).

Still, isn't it amazing how Sheen can remain at the center of things, even when he's not on TV?


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— Scott Collins (twitter.com/scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Karina Smirnoff and Ralph Macchio on Monday's "Dancing With the Stars." Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC.


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I hate DWTS normally but I think this is the best season because they finally got it right in who they chose as contestants. Whereas American Idol is following down the same old boring path. They have one contestant who is the typical Idol sob story. As a matter of fact he breaks down crying quite a bit on the show and as an added bonus he's a WGWG though they won't let him have the G yet. The producers are shoving this sobbing boy down our throats this season. As per usual the boys are heading to the top while the girls struggle because of the wharped voting. Guaranteed it will be an all boy finale. Why bother watching? The judges on Idol this season are the all time worst judges in the history of reality shows. Utterly worthless. I am shocked to say I prefer dancing with the stars.

In defense of Argentine Tango (AT)

Please !!!!! Stop abusing our tango!!!!
I am an Argentine Tango dancer.
I can't stand this anymore.
Neither Max nor Christi knows the dance.
I am embarrassed, that Max is a wonderful dancer and he should know the difference.
Come on Max, aren't you ashamed of yourself???? Why are you dancing poor version of ballroom tango and pretend it is AT???? You know it requires special techniques which takes years to master. And it is not about spreading the legs and showing underwear.

And the Judges, you should also know the difference. You must. If you don't (?!) it is pathetic...

AT is a special dance which was given a UNESCO status last year.
Leave it alone if you can't hire a real Argentine tango star to perform. At least one of the two must be a PROFESSIONAL !!!

My point is that you ARE ABUSING the unique dance, that takes years to master.... you kill its soul.

the only reason why i watch dancing with the stars is because of Kirstie Alley and Maksim. I love them two together, they have such great chemistry....i think its real, i hope its real. GO KIRSTIE and MAKSIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Idol has more young adults, but......duh !

A lot of older adults are watching "Dancing With the Stars"...........when will it occur to people (especailly the studio heads) that there are a LOT more baby boomers than young people in this country ??? ! ! ! ! ..........and do they remember why that group is called the "baby boomers" ?? Because when all the servicemen from World War 2, and the Korean War, came home after long tours of duty, guess what happened ?? That was before the pill, and abortion, so a mass of babies were born across this country about 9 months later.

Does anyone else think that American Idol losing viewers might have to do with The Voice? Just throwing it out there.

I know why, because American Idol sucks.

"That was before the pill, and abortion..."

I don't know what era you come from, but abortion has always been around. They just used coat hangers instead of doctors.

Maybe its because the contestants that are left are boring and average singers? After all AI seems to be pushing James Durbin and the guy can't sing a song without pitch problems or the use of his sharp and unpleasant high note, which he uses indiscriminately.

American idol is the worst it has ever been. You have a judge "Steven Tyler" Who is just one step away from taking his pants off when someone like that ugly horse teeth skank Haley is around. And she is never offended with his sexist comments. HMMM. Also most of them are terrible. This has to be the worst group of singers I have ever seen. James is the only one who has talent right now. But we all know Haley the bimbo is going to win because the judges want to.... and airhead Lopez wants a woman to win and she is probably the most popular. Was Haley a stripper at one time? Seems like it. Atleast Kendra admits who she is even though she was disgusting and acted like an ape "Hence why she got eliminated" But back to Idol. It's pathetic. Simon had his pig moments with the bikini girl not that far back. But then again he probably likes the group of Women like that skank Haley because the way she dresses, And snickering when someone loses is tasteless and that someone had WAY more talent than the stripper singer. American Idol is dead. The judges are stupid thus making alot of the fans stupid hence when haley wins it. Hey its a win for the vote for the worst idol website. This show makes me sick. A 63 year old judge who is senile and acts like a child. A woman who should not be judging because she is weak and Randy who is as dumb as they come. A disgrace to music that is American Idol.

The real reason is because everyone with a brain that appreciates real talent has realized American Idol is a joke. It's time to cancel that silly tween exploitation show.

The Voice is far better, it bases the picks on real raw talent instead of which one shakes their money maker better. Anyone remember Taylor Hicks the ham? you remember, he actually won one year.... He was actually doing shows at the free -has been- stage at Six Flags in Georgia right after "winning" Idol....come on you remember the guy with the boring gray hair and boring mono tone scratchy voice.... oh never mind, well he did win Idol one year..

Just watch the Voice and X Factor, forget Idol, it's for snotty little girls who text a zillion votes to make the show look like millions people voted and FOX just uses that to make it look like that many people actually vote, sad, fake, exploitation.


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