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Tom Welling says goodbye to Clark Kent as the end of 'Smallville' approaches

Welling "Smallville" ends its 10-season run on the CW next Friday (May 13), and star Tom Welling leaves the show with mixed feelings. Which makes sense, since he also took the role of the young, pre-Superman Clark Kent  with some ambivalence. He apparently didn't want to take on the baggage that comes with playing a superhero, agreeing only when he discovered the series had the motto of “no tights, no flights."

Welling now seems to be leaning more toward roles behind the scenes — he's directed many episodes of "Smallville" and is executive producer of the CW series "Hellcats." There's more on Welling and the end of "Smallville" at our brother blog Hero Complex.


Tom Welling walks (not flies) into the season finale

Photo: Tom Welling. Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times.

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Tom Welling is a great director, but I certainly hope he doesn't disappear behind the camera entirely. He is a wonderful actor too, and I will miss his weekly Smallville appearances.

NOOOOO!!!! I hate to see that your no longer going to be our hero. But thank you Tom! Your the Man. You are Superman. I think Smallville should pull up the budget and make a Superman film that makes it to the theaters based around the show. This problly wont happen but even still. Your show and you playing Superman has made a impact on me. You have a fan for life.


I stopped watching Smallville years ago, but still kept up with Tom Welling, because he is so damn charming and gorgeous! I have been impatiently waiting for him to get off the show and into other things. I will be completely heartbroken if he doesn't get in front of the cameras in a movie or show SOON. It always gives me a chill of foreboding when he talks of his love of directing and producing. DON'T LEAVE US TOM!

Tom Welling should get into more shows now that Smallville has concluded. Smallville was basically telling the story about Clark Kent.
I would imagine Tom Welling playing a lead role in a WWII film. That would be cool.

We have been watching all the seasons on DVD, and it is sad that the Smallville's finale is this Friday I will miss you guys and I wish that you guys would continue in the movie theaters. All of the cast of Smallville is AWESOME !! Tom you will always be my Superman!! :o) Take care all and good luck Love you guys!!


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