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The preschool kids are all right in new KCET series 'The Dreamsters'

May 4, 2011 |  2:47 pm

KCET is now an independent station after breaking off from the PBS public TV network, but it hasn't lost its desire to play around.

The station this Sunday will premiere "The Dreamsters," a new live-action series aimed at preschoolers that will mix music with costumed characters and puppets. The debut, which will air at 8 p.m., marks the first original childrens' programming to air on the station since KCET announced last year it would break off from PBS.

Steve Syatt, who created "The Dreamsters," said he wanted to help kids forge a life-long love for the arts. "I really want to introduce preschoolers to music, and build their creativity and imagination," he said.

The show centers around a group of colorful "Dreamster" characters that create dreams based on children's "dream wishes." Syatt composed original music blending rock, swing, Latin, R&B, country and blues for the series.

The cast includes singer Michael North and KRTH (K-Earth) disc jockey Charlie Tuna. Guest performers will include Brian Setzer (The Stray Cats), Steve Lawrence, Davy Jones (The Monkees) and Tommy James (Tommy James and the Shondells).

--Greg Braxton

Photo: K-Earth disc jockey Charlie Tuna plays around with "The Dreamsters." Credit: SSA Public Relations