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'The Biggest Loser' recap: Fairy godfather Tim Gunn makes everyone's dreams come true

May 4, 2011 |  1:07 pm

Tim_Gunn The only thing better than makeover week on "The Biggest Loser"? Makeover week with fashion fairy godfather Tim Gunn at the helm.

There was a fairy tale princess theme to makeover week, and I think the guys got a little shortchanged here. I wonder how they felt about driving around in a carriage and being greeted by Gunn. But who cares? This week was all about the ladies getting to show off their slim, trim figures in gorgeous gowns. Irene was stunning. And the purple team sure cleaned up good. Olivia's new haircut was fetching. And I'm sure the boys didn't mind that they weren't in the spotlight. (Austin, for his part, was too busy "commanding" his tux and bringing the swagger. Did he look jaw-droppingly handsome, or what? Love those curly locks.) Also pure perfection: Ali's princess up-do.

Maybe it was just me, but the makover segment seemed a bit too abrupt. I wish we could have gotten a little more from Gunn, maybe offering helpful commentary as the contestants tried on a few different outfits and looked for the shapes that flatter their new physiques. Don't get me wrong -- love makeover week -- but it felt a touch rote, even with the fab Tim Gunn running the show. I'm not sure that's anyone's fault. We've come to expect the shocking transformations, the surprise meeting with friends, lovers and relatives. Thankfully, the pretty castle setting brought something new and different to the mix.

But we barely had time to take in the new looks when it was off to the car races, with Irene and Olivia winning themselves Mazdas. And then on to the weigh-ins where our fairy godfather made the yellow line -- poof! -- disappear. (Does Tim Gunn go down in Biggest Loser history as the only guest ever with the power to bestow the greatest gift of all -- Immunity for one more week?) Perhaps it was all a little goofy, but I loved it and the princess theme. Another weigh-in highlight: The newly coiffed Olivia treating us all to some operatics. She sings like an angel, Bob said, and he was right. Everyone watched, stunned, at that magnificent voice.

It's a good thing that Tim Gunn delivered. Hannah and Jay were below the yellow line at the weigh-in, crushing the purple team's dream of making it, intact, into the final four. And Jay still has plenty of work to do. Jillian said she is going to personally make it her business to figure out what is holding Jay back since his return to the ranch after getting a second chance. (She likened this turn of events to God parting the skies to deliver his message to Jay: "This is the third chance I'm giving to you, so get it right.") What do you think is holding Jay back? Whatever it is, he will probably regret not taking care of it himself. Because now he's got Jillian on his tail.

Just two more weeks before the finale!


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--Rene Lynch

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Photo: Tim Gunn Credit: NBC