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Next season, you might have to wait awhile for NBC's 'The Voice'

Christina Are you enjoying "The Voice," NBC's new singing contest? Next season, you may have to wait for it.

Since the show put up strong ratings the past two weeks, many TV insiders had predicted that long-battered NBC would hustle it onto the fall schedule as a ratings-boosting gambit. The first season is slated to end June 28th. 

But now it looks as if NBC might be leaning toward making "The Voice" an annual midseason rite, à la Fox's "American Idol," rather than a nearly-always-on option, such as ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," according to a talent representative close to the show. 

An NBC spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment. But waiting till January has several attractive benefits. It avoids a potential run-in with Fox's "The X Factor," which is already a lock for the fall schedule (albeit most likely not in slots directly competitive with "Voice") and offers a similar concept of celebrity judges coaching wannabe singers. Also, NBC could give "The Voice" a big premiere right after its telecast of the Super Bowl, which would nearly guarantee series-record numbers and give the new season its best-possible launch.

The risk? If the NFL and football players can't resolve their labor problems and the season is delayed, NBC might have to send its new fall series into battle with very little promotional support and no clear hit to rally around.

Trackers, how would you feel about waiting seven months for "The Voice"?


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-- Scott Collins (twitter.com/scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Christina Aguilera is a judge on NBC's hit "The Voice." Credit: Lewis Jacobs / NBC.



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It'll be too soon to put The Voice on in the Fall. Better to save it for midseason to come in and help if NBC can't launch a hit in the Fall.

Despite the poor buzz for Wonder Woman, I think the post-Super Bowl slot is between The Voice and Wonder Woman. WW would be perfect to launch after the SB.

The Voice (and most shows like it) was meant to be an annual show. As it is right now, American Idol and The X-Factor are not the competition so to speak, they're just brother and sister shows for people who enjoy the genre. If the Voice wants to compete with Idol and knock it out of the park, I see no problem with it doing so so long as the talent keeps delivering and the judges keep their chemistry alive. There would be a whole lot of "The Voice" fatigue if it came on twice a year.

I went to the X-factor taping last night in LA. It was a very dissapointing evening with sub par talent. Paula and Simon judged as predictable and LA Ried and Cheryl are totally forgetable and boring! My guess is that X-Factor will pale in comparison to the Idol and the Voice!


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