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Jon Stewart takes Donald Trump to the 'Daily Show' boardroom and fires on him [video]

Jon Stewart was on fire Monday, barely able to contain his excitement on "The Daily Show" as he reported on the media events leading up to President Obama's announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed.

But Stewart unleashed special comic venom on Donald Trump, the "Celebrity Apprentice" host and potential Republican presidential candidate who has repeatedly lashed out at Obama for not releasing his long-form birth certificate to prove he is a U.S. citizen.

The Comedy Central host told his audience he was watching Trump's show Sunday not to see who got fired but to determine if Obama's and comedian Seth Meyer's humorous trashing of Trump the previous evening at the White House Correspondent's Dinner "had left a visible mark" on Trump. Obama and Meyers of "Saturday Night Live" both targeted Trump during separate monologues at the event.

"The demolition of Trump ... was so thorough I thought it might actually supersede the rules of dimensional time and space and leave a mark on future episodes," proclaimed Stewart.

When the show was interrupted by a NBC News special report, Stewart said he was incredulous, but speculated that the interruption could only mean one of two things. The first was that Obama had just realized he had more jokes about Trump he had previously forgotten, and needed air time to deliver them.

The second possibility according to Stewart was accompanied by a graphic of Morgan Freeman from "Deep Impact," the film in which he portrayed the U.S. president. Said Stewart: "The more likely scenario, as Hollywood has taught us, when a black president interrupts your show, is that a meteor is headed  toward Earth!"

[For the record: An earlier version of this post incorrectly cited the movie "Deep Impact" as "Deep Contact."]

-- Greg Braxton


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Just a small error the Morgan Freeman movie was "Deep Impact"

Making fun of Trump is like beating up a frail old racist man, it might be easy but it sure feels good.

That was a hilarious episode last night, the more we can rip on Donald Trump and expose him for the fraud and racist idiot he is the better!

What's REALLY interesting is how much Trump got under Barry's skin! What a hoot! Obama the big baby cut into the Apprentice..ha! He's immature and shows it all the time. He's the celebrity president and has no interest in the American problems. He's too busy dragging his family around, spending our money,all the while he screws over the whole country. Some Dem's are waking up to all this, thank goodness, especially in the light of this phony birth certificate he put out there. Thank god some of the Democrats are checking this stuff out too. Obama really thinks he can deceive us? It's so OBVIOUS! Donald Trump said he's checking out the birth certificate to see if it's for real. Obama's got his hands full with Trump on his ass. The fight hasn't even begun, and it's going to be GOOD!

The "deep contact'commemt was correct. At least from the writers point of view. You see, we know where his head is at.

You see, not posting comments is typical of the left. Either we put agreeable messages out there or you won't post it. I love that about you losers. You can dish it out but can't take the criticism yourselves. Your a loser Greg and your comments reflect it. Too bad. Look forward to when you EAT your words.

"Deep Contact".... wasn't that a Jenna Jameson film?

Yeah for Obama....he is more important than orange skin, cotton candy haired Trump, who blows his own trumpet but nothing is heard. Sarah Palin and Trump have provided more comedy this past year than any comedian ever could...by the way, John McCain and Mitt Romney's Dad George who was a presidential candidate, were born outside the U.S. Where is the Republican outrage over these foreigners?????

Someone thinks the Apprentice is so important it shouldn't be interuppted to announce the capture and killing of the 9/11 perpetrator? LOL! And Bush took more vacation time than any President in history. Keep bringing on the clown Trump, he's proved to be so good for a laugh. He's a joke. A real yokel.

The Trump Mantra:

Obama is not an American Citizen.
Osama is not dead.
And, ohh yes, Elvis will play at the Republican Convention

This is totally uncalled for, like the person said before me about Mitt Romney and John McCain. I am 50 years old and can't figure out when if ever a President has had to show his birth Cert. to the public. No matter what party you are in it's not right. Trump is just a jack azz and would rather make our president prove to him he WAS born in HI. Just not right. He has more important things to do than that but he had to passify "The Donald"! Just sayn....

Isn't it amazing when liberals lose they start insulting and wallow in the insults. Trust me I'm no fan of Donald Trump, but boy when anyone takes on Barry, the liberal media goes nuts!!!

What a good time we had laughing at Trump. Who knew he had such a comic act?

I think that the President chose just the right time to get the court to set aside the law in Hawaii, and order the Health Department to release a certified copy of the long form birth certificate. He knew that the bin Laden caper was about to take off. And when he went to the correspondents' dinner a couple of days later, he laughed and smiled so broadly when there was a joke about where bin Laden was, because he knew that he would be dead by that time the next day.

Barack Obama is one of the smartest people in the room, and there are no Republicans in that room.

Liberals have to pull their wagons in a circle! Their guy is in trouble- the Osama boost an anemic 9 points! Even now, with the pictures and video being held up by Daddy Obamabucks, that bump is deflating. Point is, the hippies are a dying breed, their ideas of "progression" are seriously sick, they've done their best BY DESIGN to ruin the country's economy in order to reform it, and they can't stand that real people have real reasons why they think their guy is a frump- ......... and then they show their smell by resorting to that Liberal bastion of defeat ... pulling out their race cards! Like pulling their hands out of their pockets and extending them in your face, demanding your money. I'm no fan of Trump, but my neice could have greenlighted the decision to take Osama by ground troups. Only my neice would have shown the photographs by now. Because my neice doesn't have an ulterior motive. And Jon Leibowitz is like Obama in many respects- he can't make a move without his writers.

DK... I'm trying to figure you out. Are you just some right-wing troll spouting all the lines you learned for your talking heads who do all your thinking for you... or are you trying to be clever and just failing miserably? In either case you're wasting everyone's time... so stop posing for this photo you think everyone is taking of you and go back to that sad heap of fail that is your life.

Thank you from all the adults.

For those who are (half-heartedly) defending Trump-

Donald Trump is the cause of his own problems. He willingly made his birther bed, and now he has to sleep in it.

It's called taking personal responsibility. There's no reason to defend stupidity.

I pray Donald has a Trump Card under his sleeve to make that racist Obama a one term president.

I am thrilled. While it was fortuitous that it interrupted "Celebrity Apprentice," it did make it more satisfying. It was a lovely way to finally say "Screw you" to the blowhard.

Not a Trump fan at all, but this is what Stewart does. He really doesn't have much too say when its not written for him or coming off of a teleprompter. Just watch his show when a guest he doesn't agree with fires back with an answer he wasn't expecting, he immediately begins to deflect by making fun of the guest or the subject that he disagrees with. It's surprising how people can take him as a credible news source.

White people!

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