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'Game of Thrones': Take our Episode 3 quiz

Game-of-thrones-3 maisie williams Arya Stark
"Game of Thrones" is three episodes in, and the character twists are just starting to get good. If you're up to speed on the latest developments in Westeros, why not try taking our new quiz? Or, if you're not quite there yet, read ahead for a quick refresher first.

This episode, Lord Eddard Stark arrived at Kings Landing only to find the crown in debt and King Robert practically absent. And trying to parent his girls, Sansa and Arya, on top of it all? Forget it. "War is easier than raising daughters," he says.

GameQuizEp3 Meanwhile, his wife, Lady Catelyn, leaves their three sons at Winterfell in hopes of finding the person conspiring to kill their boy, Bran.

Over in the Free Cities, Daenerys is expecting a baby with her horselord husband, Khal Drogo. Her new place of honor among her husband's people, the Dothraki, helps give her the strength to finally stand up to her brother, Viserys.

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-- Emily Christianson

Photo: Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in "Game of Thrones." Credit: Helen Sloan / HBO.

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Your quiz has several inaccuracies- #2 and #8 are not entirely correct.

Your quiz is a bit off.... The crown is 3 million dollars in debt to the Lannisters... but 6 million dollars in debt total... the other 3 is owed to other factions...


Yes the quiz is a bit off, great pic! LOL

Mmm, although we don't really know the answer to #5, we only know what Littlefinger says. And if you trust Littlefinger, I have a bridge to sell you.

you guys actually believed littlefinger about the dagger...? the correct answer is petyr baelish, because he's the last person that we KNOW owned it.

Also, if you've read as far as Storm of Swords, a scene that will surely be depicted in the show if it makes it into a third season, that shows the crooked lightning bolt-esque stair case that provides Night's Watch brothers another way to the top of the wall...a stair that is also mentioned in AGOT...just sayin.

And the Starks worship the old Gods of the first men (The heart trees). Not the Seven.

It's in the south they worship the seven. And Catlyn worship the seven because she is from the south. (Born Tully)

The "beyond The Wall" questions need a little refinement.
The "living people beyond The Wall" can apply to both the wildlings AND the White Walkers. The White Walkers are alive, just nasty and perhaps rather supernatural, while the wildlings are living human beings and....
The "undead people beyond The Wall" applies (so far) to the wildlings and NOT the White Walkers. The White Walkers kill and reanimate human beings but there's never been any indication in the show (or all 4 of the books for that matter) that the White Walkers themselves are "undead."

Also, it is Doreah, not Dany who tells the story of dragons being from the moon. Dany simply listens with interest.


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