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Fox renews 'Fringe' but cancels 'Chicago Code,' 'Human Target' and more

Chicode The networks don't officially announce their schedules until next week, but word leaked out late Tuesday about the first round of cancellations and pickups over at Fox.

Among the current shows that were "on the bubble" (that is, in jeopardy), Fox is reportedly renewing another season of "Fringe." But all its other endangered shows are headed for the rubbish heap in a massive housecleaning: the dramas "Chicago Code," "Human Target" and "Lie to Me" plus the comedies "Breaking In" and "Traffic Light."

Meanwhile, the network has made series orders for "The New Girl," with Zooey Deschanel as a lovelorn teacher, and "I Hate My Teenage Daughter," with Jaime Pressly. Also, the time-travel drama "Alcatraz" looks headed for the schedule, as does the "Bones" spin-off "Finder."

Reached for comment, a Fox spokeswoman said, "We're not confirming or denying any pickups/cancellations until we announce our schedule on Monday."

Looks like it'll be old news by then.


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-Scott Collins (twitter.com/scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Jennifer Beals and Jason Clarke in "Chicago Code." Credit: Peter Sorel/Fox.



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I am stunned they axed The Chicago Code, that was some wonderful television.

I am sorry to hear about Human Target being cancelled. I thought it was fun to watch. I think they made a fatal mistake by changing the team/cast with bringing in the rich lady and young con woman. It just was too soon for the show to make a huge change up like that. It was much better when it was just the rag tag all guy team. Guerrero - dude - you always rocked!

You make it sound like they ahve only just reportedly renewed Fringe when it was announced weeks ago. Where have you been?

That sucks, Chicago Code is great. I guess they'll just green light more reality show dreck.

They better not cancel fringe, human target is bad enough! Maybe move human target to TNT or another cable channel where it will take off again!

I'm so sad about Human Target! What a fun show to watch...I could sit and watch Guerrero for hours. Totally bummed.

Fringe was renewed in March for a full 22 episode season 4

It's really sad that Fox cancelled Chicago Code, Lie to Me, and Human Target. More so Chicago Code. That show really depicted Chicago political corruption and had substance. But to replace the cancelled shows with shows that lend to mindless thinking is ridiculous. The suits did not even give Chicago Code a fighting chance. When will they realize the people who participate in Nielsen ratings don't watch the type of shows that were cancelled and more than likely the shows have higher viewership but they just record the shows (Tivo, DVR). Catchup please this is ridiculous.

it's a profound shame that the books are balanced with "reality" shows which are cheap but mindless crap. for what it's worth "chicago code" deserves another season!

Fox cancels Chicago Code? True to the boorish philisinism of Rupert Murdoch. And somebody write another role for Jackie Earle Haley immediately. And Jennifer Beals.

Well after cancelling three of their four best show, don't expect this demograph on Fox except to watch "Fringe."

Remember not all shows start off with a strong showing.

I could cite various examples of this going back to the original Star Trek on NBC which was slated for cancellation after a few episodes.

I need not remind anybody of those hit shows that have fizzled.

I, too, thought "Traffic Light" was deserving of a much better title, but the title did present an unrealized opportunity to use the deathless Monty Python ditty “I Like Traffic Lights” as the show’s theme.

I Like traffic lights.
I Like traffic lights.
I Like traffic lights,
No matter where they've been.
I Like traffic lights.
I Like traffic lights.
I Like traffic lights.
I Like traffic lights.
I Like traffic lights,
But only when they're green.

UGH ... let's cancel all the not real "reality" shows. LOVED Human Target before it was messed with - agree with kirads09 -

I don't know anything about any of these shows except Chicago Code, which I personally did not like. Among other problems, I thought Jennifer Beals was painfully miscast. But more importantly, there's a big reason why many scripted shows are being replaced by "reality" shows: fast money.

Reality shows are dirt cheap to produce, which means more money goes into networks' coffers quicker. Reality shows also find their audience much quicker than traditional scripted shows, which means sky-high ratings almost from the pilot...and that means more money faster.

TV is only about ratings, and if a good, even great, show doesn't get the ratings immediately, it'll get the ax. Network execs will not wait around for a show to "find its audience" anymore. There's just too much competition.


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