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'Khloe & Lamar': A jinx on Lamar Odom and the Lakers? [Updated]

Lamar Did "Khloe & Lamar" put a whammy on Lamar Odom and the Los Angeles Lakers?

E! Entertainment's reality series, which centers on Lakers star Odom and wife Khloe Kardashian, is a big hit. But his participation on the show had previously sparked concerns among loyal Lakers fans that Odom was not focused enough on his game due to the show.

Those fears reached a crescendo on sports talk radio around the country Monday, the day after the Lakers' humiliating loss to the Dallas Mavericks, a defeat that swept them out of the playoffs and ended their run for a third straight championship. Odom, regarded as one of the team's most even-handed players, was singled out after the game for his lackluster performance and particularly for his violent foul against Mavericks star Dirk Nowitski near the end of the game.

The loss has put extra heat on Odom, who previously said he found the demands of the show and its filming schedule so intense that he almost quit. However, he had insisted that the show tape during the season because his off-season life was too boring. His play on the Lakers has been a major story of the series.

"I'm all for 'Khloe & Lamar,' but only if his head is in the game," blasted ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley during his ESPN AM morning radio show, "Max and Marcellus." Jim Rome during his morning radio show on KLAC-AM (570) read a email from a listener who said Odom could now retreat to living off the fame of his wife, who is known for being on other reality shows with her sisters.

And comedian Dane Cook tweeted that at least the Lakers "can now concentrate on their day jobs. Reality television stars."

Khloe Kardashian was apparently feeling a bit of pressure from fans. She tweeted that although the Lakers are " @ their best, so r their 'fans.' Reading my timeline, the so-called 'fans' seem2b only 'fans' when on top."

She has been previously credited with giving Odom a boost: His performance throughout the season has been largely praised, and he recently won the sixth man of the year award, given to the league's top reserve.

But now Kardashian may be lumped in with Jessica Simpson, who was partially blamed for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's mediocre on-field performance during their high-profile romance.

Producers of the show were not immediately available to comment on how the Lakers' defeat and Odom's meltdown would be handled on the series.

What do you think? Did "Khloe & Lamar" help put a slam dunk on the Lakers' playoff hopes?

[Updated at 11 a.m., May 10: A representative for E! said Odom's only direct involvement in "Khloe & Lamar" during the playoffs was a two-hour interview.

Kardashian may address the situation Wednesday during a scheduled appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."]


Lamar Odom adjusts to the realities of reality TV

is 'Khloe & Lamar" a bad luck charm for Lakers on Sundays?

— Greg Braxton

Photo: Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom sits dejected on the bench during the Lakers' loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference semifinals. Credit: Wally Skalji / Los Angeles Times



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Khloe Kardashian is objectively the least interesting person in the world.

The whole team became distracted this year by off-the-court nonsense. It cost us a Championship.

It really is a shame that Odom was doing a show rather than focusing on his game. And those kardashians are just using him. What a shame.

He was voted 6th man and married. How do you explain that, haters?

The kardashians are idiotic career-poisoning drop kicks. And the stupid release of the show Khloe and Lamar has had a huge impact on odoms game these playoffs. We are now out of the NBA and lost our chance of 3 in a row. And the pressure or the stupid kardashian twits have ultimately cost Phil Jackson our powerhouse lakers another championship. The stupid show has taken the focus out of odoms head a into a stupid useless reality show so the idiots can get more money in their pocket. Thanks a lot you thick headed bimbos

i don't understand how you can be a basketball player as well as show man on TV reality! choose one please!

i knew this would happen...

The Kardashian women are pathetic......they are low lives who pass theirself around to professional athletes and they basically have a reality show because of a sex taped. They are classless, disgusting, and it's pathetic that Lamar thought being on a reality show was more important than being a professional athlete.

The kardashians act like a bunch of teenagers. They would do anything for a little attention. Lamar is too good for this nonsense

What does that ugly beezy know anything about loyal fans? Odom you effed up dude.

you know if you got money why do a show for more money.Khloe can't be that good huh!!! i think if you do sports you should'nt do a show, Odom act like he slow to me any way. he got a wife that her mother tell her how to get what she want's out of her husband.WAKE UP MAN!!!!

Lakers quit, plain and simple. I haven't seen the Celtics do that, to this point.One another point, I'm pleased for TA that he's having a moment in the sun, but he did very little while in a Celtics uniform.http://bit.ly/j1rhut

why is it that people or fans can be so cruel when their team is losing? let us learn to be grateful for thepast three seasons we reached the finals and champs back 2 back.... real supporters support more so during trying times.....

The Lakers went on a 17-1 winning streak while Lamar was filming. Our Sixth Man of the Year filmimg was NOT the problem. Stop be in denial.

This is so pathetic. When you are a "fan", you should be one. Its real pathetic that the world cannot be pleased. I am a Celtics fan and win or loose, i will never turn my back on them. Lakers was on a 17 and 1 winning streak and Odom was still filming so i am so disgusted for people to say that because of his wife and show, they lost the game. Yall are clueless and can never be happy for other people..Be happy and proud you are a Lakers fan because let's face it, you guys are back to back champions and as they say, everything happens for a reason and this may be a good reason for them to get Dwight Howard into the Lakers next year even though i hate that idea..Haters!!!

Lamar was the most consistent Laker this year and won Sixth Man of the Year. He was not the problem.

Lamar needs to get back to just playing good basketball and leave all the Kardashian stuff alone. That family is all about attention .

i love "Khloe & Lamar and the Lakers

hhahaha haters..kardashians are hotter, richer than you. ..and you all work harder than them, but dont get the money they do!!

they ruined the lakers championship run!!

You can't blame Khloe for the loss. The Lakers were on a 17 and 1 winning streak when they were filming.

Lamar seems like a very sweet man. He lost his cool, everyone at some time or other has done the same. Give the guy a break. He is a great player. Stop making his wife and the show a reason that the Lakers lost. Lamar is only one player, he cannot win the game by himself. Stop hating on them, get a life. Who are you to judge? If your so upset with Lamar stop watching the show. I know you won't because you don't have a life.

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