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Cheryl Cole confirmed as 'X-Factor' judge

Cole It was a slightly unsurprising announcement: British pop singer Cheryl Cole will be a judge on Simon Cowell’s "The X Factor,” Fox announced Thursday.

Cole, who’s been a judge on the British version of "The X Factor," seems to be really excited about the gig.

"I'm so excited to be taking part in the American version of 'The X Factor,' ” she said in a statement. “I absolutely love it here in the U.K., and with the talent they have out in America, I'm sure we're going to find someone very special. I can't wait to get started. I just can't decide whether I am more excited to find and nurture the talent or for the unbelievable amount of amusement and entertainment I will have watching Simon doing everything and anything he can to beat me. He's tried to beat me for three years in the U.K., and hasn't even come close. His ego must be so bruised. America is gonna love this."

The news was somewhat expected as murmurings of Cole joining the import have been swirling for weeks. Cole joins former Def Jam executive LA Reid at the judge's table; there will be a fouth judge named soon, and speculation has been focused on Cowell's former "American Idol" costar Paula Abdul.

ShowTrackers, what do you think of Cole? Do you think Abdul is likely to join the group? 

-- Yvonne Villarreal


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HURRAH Cheryl Cole is AWESOME, Cheryl will be a GREAT judge on U.S.XFactor, Cheryl is completely charming and talented but she's also completely gorgeous and i LOVE Cheryl cute accent. love Cheryl songs Fight For This Love,Parachute and Promise This

I can't wait to see her!!! She is truly amazing and I know for a fact that America will love her!!! Welcome to the States Cheryl!!!

She's vile. Totally fake. She punched a toilet attendant and got herself charged with aggravated assault. She's Simons smoking buddy and like the cigerettes she smokes, has him wrapped around her little finger. She will bomb big time as shes way out of her debt here.

She has not achieved any success in the US as a recording artist, producer or music executive. She has no qualifications or relevant experience her only qualities are she is pretty and a friend of Simon Cowell. A contestant could legitimately say to her ’well lady what do you know you have never achieved anything in the United States!’. The Simon Cowell PR machine might still make this appointment work but it is a massive risk for him and if X Factor fails in the US his career is in ruins in America.

I'm so happy for Cheryl Cole, she will be great. Haters gonna hate.

Cheryl is an amazing coup for this show. The fact that so many people hate on her only goes to show that she provokes interest. I must admit I only startted watching X Factor UK when she joined as did many others by increase of (plus) 2 million viewers when she joined as a judge in UK. She is a talent, humble, truthful and so down to earth it will be refreshing viewing rather than the usual names on these shows who are more intereted than how they come across on camera than the acts they judge. I laugh at those who dismiss her as its so obvious they watch her every move!!!

shes an established artist in the UK. if she can make it in the UK she can def make it here, besides, America is dumb enough to put artists (mediocre ones) on the charts (Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Lady GaGa, etc...) she is the new Britney, mark my words she will be HUGE.

has officially been confirmed as a judge for the American version of The X Factor.


Love her accent. She may need subtitles, though.


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