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Ann Curry expected to replace Meredith Vieira on 'Today'

Curry A month ago, we told you that Ann Curry, longtime news anchor for NBC's "Today," was expected to replace Meredith Vieira as the show's co-host; over the weekend, the New York Times reported that NBC would make the announcement on Monday. (Vieira is leaving of her own accord, and if all goes as planned, Curry should take her seat in June.) Nothing's official yet -- NBC did not return calls for confirmation, and Osama bin Laden's death may have pushed the announcement back a day or two -- but NBC's expected to tap Natalie Morales, the 9 a.m. anchor of "Today," as the new news anchor, while moving White House correspondent and MSNBC anchor Savannah Guthrie into the 9 a.m. anchor spot.

The news could come at a time of great reshuffling among the network news and morning shows. Katie Couric recently confirmed that she's leaving CBS Evening News, and CBS is expected to announce Scott Pelley of "60 Minutes" as her replacement. On Friday, Erin Burnett of CNBC announced that she's leaving for CNN. Meanwhile, Couric is planning a move to daytime with her own show, leading some to speculate whether her former "Today" co-anchor Matt Lauer will eventually join her. (His contract is up in 2012, though his boss, Jim Bell, says Lauer's not leaving.)

Curry's promotion would come five years after she was passed over for the position when Couric left "Today" for CBS. Since Vieira began co-hosting in 2006, Curry has developed a reputation as a hard-news reporter, occasionally filling in on NBC's "Nightly News." We look forward to seeing her get just as passionate about interviewing drunk Ewoks and Donald Trump as she was about reporting from Kosovo, Darfur, and Pakistan.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Ann Curry. Credit: NBC Universal, Inc.

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Congrats, Its about time! Now I can finally come back to the TODAY SHOW!!! Viera was horrible I stopped watching the Today when she came aboard (even though I love Matt, Al and You!)
You and my mom share the same birthday, and every birthday my mom says "Happy Birthday Ann" I think I'll come back to New York for your birthday this year and bring my mom down with a sign!
Congrats Again Ann

I agree with some of the comments about Ann being to sugar sweet. I don't think she relates well to Matt. I would rather see Natalie Morales take over. She does a great interview and seems to get along with everyone. I may leave the Today Show after many years of viewing.
Please rethink your choice.

I am so happy for Ann, i think she has shown grace and dignity and is a very good reporter and person.

Personally I quit watching the Today show years ago and personally prefer to watch Fox & Friends in the mornings instead.

I LOVE ANN CURRY! She should've been the anchor a long time ago!

Great news that the beautiful (inside and out!) Ann Curry is getting the position she deserves! I actually called NBC before Meredith replaced Katie and begged them to put Ann in that position (knowing it would have no effect, but still feeling the need to let them know what a number of family, friends, and I felt about it). I do wish the best to Meredith and her husband and to her in other, more suitable endeavors.

Its about time Ann got this job. She really deserves this spot and has worked harder than most others. I wish her nothing but good luck. Now if the network would do something with Joe and Mekia on Morning Joe, I would be watching MSNBC more but those two are the worst of the worst. Mekia is always screening the news and poor Joe is still back in 1994.

I liked Katie Coo and didn't like when Meridith was thrown into the mix. She just never meshed that well with Matt. Ann does however! Congrats Ann!

Good morning this morning! It is morning this morning and in the news this morning we have morning news...good morning this morning! SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY! Want to be touched and hugged? Get "interviewed" Ann Curry. She massacres her interviews, stumbling, bumbling, repeating herself, asking stupid questions (which sometimes have already been answered), preying on grieving people...she is a GOOB!!!!!!!!!! The day she takes over will the THE MORNING I switch to ...guess what?...GOOD MORNING America!

P.S. So Matt Lauer wants an $8 million dollar raise so he can make $25 million a year? He should get $30M if he has to put up with Ann Curry on a daily basis.

Big mistake by the brass at NBC. She isnt real enough to handle the co anchor. Too many insincere good mornings and she doesnt seem connected. Let the ratings slide begin...sorry ann

Can-not-stand-her. A total phony. Will likely watch Today because I prefer their production style but won't stand for much of the Curry gimics and melodrama. Don't really like Roker that much either for that matter but he's less objectionable than her. In other words I'll watch the news segments or Morning Joe.

While I like Ann Curry at the news desk, and agree that she is beautiful, I do not like her as fill-in co-host. She often times seems unprepared (hasn't done quite enough research) and talks incredibly fast. Unfortunately, when she's co-hosting, I turn to Good Morning America. But on the flip-side, when Ann does the indepth reports for NBC National News or special reports, she's great. Live, short interviews do not suite her well.

Ann Curry should have been given the position in the first place before Meredith was chosen. She has a presence about her that is very calming and sincere. I look forward to her sitting in that co-anchor seat.

It appears that NBC knows they made a big mistake when Katie Couric left and passed over Ann Curry for the job. They have it right this time, but if Matt Lauer leaves, will they make the same mistake again? Hopefully they will look no further then under their nose to see that Al Roker would fill the second chair just fine. I have watched Al since 1983 as a weatherman on local TV and his unique style that has yet to be duplicated.
It appears that NBC is shaking up all of their Live programming to the dislike of the viewers. The folks in Nashville are now wondering who is really running the network. It also appears that Local GM's are showing their power by getting rid of not only reporters, but key ankor's who have had years with the Networks. Hopefully the Sponsors are watching these changes carefully and will deal with these Idiots who are trying to show that they have clout.
Remember, the viewers are the same people who buy the products that sponsor the shows. The TV Personality is respected, the Producers are not.

Ms Curry isn't ready for this. She's not even the best news reader on Today. This seems like a case of getting the job due to seniority, not talent or even likeability among viewers. If I'm right, the numbers will falter and she'll be gone.

Stop drinking the hateorade!!!! Ann Curry is just as qualified as the next person. And she is a great interviewer and very respectful person inside and out. You go Ann I am behind you one hundred and ten percent!!!!

Ugh, I agree with Susan2. There has to be someone better than Ann to fill that position. She is just tooooo sweet! And who said she is beautiful???

I like Ann Curry but she has no personality as far as sitting and joking with Matt Lauer. she is better left as a news caster. She does a horrible job on interviews. I just cant see her joking around and telling jokes like Meridith or Katie did. It is going to be painful to watch:(

Katie...Matt Ann and Al - I love and share a birthday with Katie...would love to meet her. Matt anf Katie !!!! bring it back.

thank god! Meredith was very irritading, Ann is a very very good idea NBC in all there less than steller choices for programming, remember Letterman/Lenno or Conan these guys at NBC are challegend!

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