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Ann Curry expected to replace Meredith Vieira on 'Today'

Curry A month ago, we told you that Ann Curry, longtime news anchor for NBC's "Today," was expected to replace Meredith Vieira as the show's co-host; over the weekend, the New York Times reported that NBC would make the announcement on Monday. (Vieira is leaving of her own accord, and if all goes as planned, Curry should take her seat in June.) Nothing's official yet -- NBC did not return calls for confirmation, and Osama bin Laden's death may have pushed the announcement back a day or two -- but NBC's expected to tap Natalie Morales, the 9 a.m. anchor of "Today," as the new news anchor, while moving White House correspondent and MSNBC anchor Savannah Guthrie into the 9 a.m. anchor spot.

The news could come at a time of great reshuffling among the network news and morning shows. Katie Couric recently confirmed that she's leaving CBS Evening News, and CBS is expected to announce Scott Pelley of "60 Minutes" as her replacement. On Friday, Erin Burnett of CNBC announced that she's leaving for CNN. Meanwhile, Couric is planning a move to daytime with her own show, leading some to speculate whether her former "Today" co-anchor Matt Lauer will eventually join her. (His contract is up in 2012, though his boss, Jim Bell, says Lauer's not leaving.)

Curry's promotion would come five years after she was passed over for the position when Couric left "Today" for CBS. Since Vieira began co-hosting in 2006, Curry has developed a reputation as a hard-news reporter, occasionally filling in on NBC's "Nightly News." We look forward to seeing her get just as passionate about interviewing drunk Ewoks and Donald Trump as she was about reporting from Kosovo, Darfur, and Pakistan.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Ann Curry. Credit: NBC Universal, Inc.

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That is too bad. I like Matt and Meridith. But Ann never knows when to not talk. She interupts people and is just annoying. Not as much as Katie Couric.
May have to find a new morning show.

Congratulations to Ann Curry!!! I always thought she should have gotten the position when Katie left.

Thank Goodness! I have watched reluctantly ever since Meredith came on board and stayed faithful ONLY because of Matt, Ann and Al! Ann is so full of life and seems so genuine. I didnt feel the connection between Meredith and Matt as she seemed so "dry"

Finally NBC got it right!

About time - Meredith doesn't fit the bill. I like Ann and think she should have gotten the job when Katie left. I do agree, however, that she needs to revamp her approach. TOO serious sometimes and gets into that voice where you can't hear what she's saying. If she perks up a little she'll be great.

Ann Curry is perfect. She has plenty of news background and is quite capable of handling the hard news end of the job. My observation is that she plays the news pretty straight -- she is a fair interviewer who is not trying to peddle her own political agenda (somewhat unique for NBC News).

Mainly though, she's elegant, soothing and attractive without resorting to the kind of over-the-top sex appeal that you see on Fox and other cable TV news. Just the right personality for the morning, I think.

She's wonderful, and she's earned it. I will definitely watch her.

I copied & pasted this from another comment; That Laugh is soooo fake & I am not sure why they even put other people with her to be interviewed - SHE Does The whole interview herself (* watch her at next interview; she does not allow the individual a chance to answer - she ANSWERS FOR THEM!!! Not a good choice - I will be switching after approx. 14 years as well...
COPIED/PASTED: Couldnt have said it better myself!!!

If this happens I will stop watching Today, I'll go over to GMA. Ann Curry is a pain she is so drama on her reports. And as for interviews, oh my gosh. The woman does the whole interview herself. She never gives the person a chance to answer, she answers for them. She acts like an expert on all subjects. Not too long ago she took it upon herself to answer a question and the doctor told her she was wrong, flat out wrong. Please don't put Ann Curry in that spot...........I agree ratings will drop. Oh, I forgot to mention her phoney laugh, are you kidding me.......DON"T DO IT!

Congratulations Ann! Ann is a lovely, genuine, kind woman. She puts people at ease, but is also not afraid to ask the hard questions. Those of us who find poise and grace refreshing will be watching her and cheering her success!

Well, it's about time! Ann Curry should have had that position long ago. I was beginning to wonder if NBC might be passing on her because of race. Yes, Ann is SWEET but she is a bare-knuckled reporter when necessary. Hooray for NBC!

I love Ann Curry and think she would be wonderful in Meredith's seat.

YES! She should have been picked when Katie left. So glad and so deserved. She will make a great co-host along side Matt! So happy

Yes! Good news to me. I enjoy Ann and think she will do any excellent job!! Congratulations to her.

If Ms. Curry replaces Ms. Viera, I will switch to ABC. I lost all respect for Ms. Curry as a journalist when she intensely quizzed a gentleman who had taught gun safety to the Columbine killers. She asked if he felt responsibile for the incident. He stated that he did not, because he taught the young men to handle weapons safely. Ms. Curry persisted, "But don't you feel responsible?" What kind of journalist tries to put words in an interviewee's mouth and then tries to ram it down his throat when he won't buy it? I'm afraid a pretty bad one.

Dislike! Ann curry is so sappy. I really do not like her interview style. Please find someone else or, "Good Morning America" here I come!

It's about time! Ann deserved that position over Meredith. Will start watching the Today show again now that Ann is in her new position. Congratulations Ann!

I think Miss Curry would be just wonderful as the new co anchor. I really hope she gets the job...

NBC shoots itself in the foot again! Ann Curry?? She is self-absorbed, makes every interview about herself, and really isn't very bright. Anyone else remember the interview about Fidel Castro when Ann Curry asked, "But what if Castro never dies?"
NATALIE MORALES is much brighter, personable, and empathetic. Maybe that's why she wasn't chosen. She'd make Matt Lauer look even worse.
I've watched the Today Show since I was a little kid (I'm 60), but don't watch it very often anymore. If I know Ann Curry's going to be in that seat, I won't watch at all.

Definitely agree with Joanna. Ann never lets the person she is interviewing answer her questions before interrupting. I guess it's time to move back to Good Morning America.

Great news! It's high time the network realizes Ann Curry's
excellent reporting skills and give her the promotion she well-deserved five years ago! I wish her the very best in her new position! :)

Time is right now.she is the one..

so happy for Ann Curry, she always brings a serious side along with a bright fresh smile. This is so long overdue. Congrats to her..

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