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Ann Curry expected to replace Meredith Vieira on 'Today'

Curry A month ago, we told you that Ann Curry, longtime news anchor for NBC's "Today," was expected to replace Meredith Vieira as the show's co-host; over the weekend, the New York Times reported that NBC would make the announcement on Monday. (Vieira is leaving of her own accord, and if all goes as planned, Curry should take her seat in June.) Nothing's official yet -- NBC did not return calls for confirmation, and Osama bin Laden's death may have pushed the announcement back a day or two -- but NBC's expected to tap Natalie Morales, the 9 a.m. anchor of "Today," as the new news anchor, while moving White House correspondent and MSNBC anchor Savannah Guthrie into the 9 a.m. anchor spot.

The news could come at a time of great reshuffling among the network news and morning shows. Katie Couric recently confirmed that she's leaving CBS Evening News, and CBS is expected to announce Scott Pelley of "60 Minutes" as her replacement. On Friday, Erin Burnett of CNBC announced that she's leaving for CNN. Meanwhile, Couric is planning a move to daytime with her own show, leading some to speculate whether her former "Today" co-anchor Matt Lauer will eventually join her. (His contract is up in 2012, though his boss, Jim Bell, says Lauer's not leaving.)

Curry's promotion would come five years after she was passed over for the position when Couric left "Today" for CBS. Since Vieira began co-hosting in 2006, Curry has developed a reputation as a hard-news reporter, occasionally filling in on NBC's "Nightly News." We look forward to seeing her get just as passionate about interviewing drunk Ewoks and Donald Trump as she was about reporting from Kosovo, Darfur, and Pakistan.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Ann Curry. Credit: NBC Universal, Inc.

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I think that Meredith brought some approachability and professional interviewing abilities. Ann needs to learn how to stop cutting people off. She doesn't know how to segway and is always trying to be a step ahead by injecting her own perspective. I think she does a good job on the canned stories but live interviews are embarrassing to watch.

Bring back Katie Couric!!!!!!!!!

Frankly I really don't like the way she does the news. Some of her questions are stupid. And I think she simpers at times. She is obviously trying hard but she rankles me big time. Meredith is so much better. There might be a place for her somewhere but I hope it is not front and center or I probably won't watch anymore. I do love Brian Williams and Matt Lauer, but Ann? Please not full time.

I am glad that Ann Curry is replacing Meredith. She and Matt have a wonderful rapport and she is a very talented reporter.

Congrats and best wishes Ann !!!!

OMG!!! Really BAD choice of Ann Curry. I've been a very loyal Today Show viewer for many, many years. I've NEVER been impressed with her. I think she's very sweet and means well, but she CANNOT read one sentence without tripping over her words!!! I actually cringe for her. She always looks and sounds uncomfortable most of the time she's on camera. And people are right----there's absolutely zip chemistry between her and Matt. Natalie Morales would be a MUCH better choice. I think NBC just feels they can't pass Ann over again because it would look bad.

I hope NBC does confirm the story. I love Ann. She is a consummate professional with a great personality.

Congratulations Ann! Meredith, before you leave (which I am unhappy about!) PLEASE do a segment on MS. As the spouse of someone living with the disease you offer invaluable insight. Best wishes to you and your family

i think is a great idea,she deserved to be the one since Couric left,more refreshing face,hopefully she can help me to collect unpaid wages salary from Jhon Scotto,Rosannas Scotto's brother FOX 5 good morning new york! he is a thief!

If Ann Curry takes over on the Today show, my days of watching are over. Done. She is and has been the weekest link in the today show chain for many years. Natalie should get the knod to keek the show vibrant and young. Just saying...

It is about time...love Anne's passionate news reporting

Do we care that much who reads the am news??

Its about time. the lady is a excellent news person Congrats Brad Boring

i hope not....ann will not BE GOOD....she has no personality and just doesnt fit the part..i will start watching gma if they do

UNCTUOUS. Curry is way too unctuous. Look it up.

Wrong Choice . Ann Curry though a reasonable choice, lacks the natural and friendly delivery that Meredith and Katie possess .Her comments often come across as forced and rehearsed with artificial emotional facial expressions.I am not sure of the depth of her general knowledge of the worldly affairs . In short ,she has a low likablity factor . In my opinion Natalie Morales would have been a better choice .I think her tenure will be short lived .

Congratulations Ann. It's about time, and long over due. You should have been there along time ago. Good luck beautiful lady with the beautiful heart.

I change channels every time Ann Curry comes on. I can't stand her phoney, sugary sweet, over dramatic presence. Perserverance evidently does finally pay off, but I think NBC should make a better choice. I will not watch the Today show at all if Ann is co-anchor.

In the last year I have been switching between Today and GMA after being a solvent Today Show follower for 10 yrs. Ann does not have it. She tries to interview people and answers the questions before they have a chance to answer. She has no sense of humor. If she is selected, I'll become a GMA fan. Natalie or Savannah would have been great. Ann can read the news and that's about it. She gets too lovey dovey with parents who have just lost a child - give me a break.

I find it very painful to watch and listen to Ann Curry. One would have thought with her "years of practice" on the Today Show, she would have improved in her profession. Sadly, she gets worse as the years go by. She speaks too fast, she stumbles over simple words, her enunciation has become pathetic. And the producers should NEVER let her ad lib. If she is doing cold reads when reading the teleprompter, perhaps she should come into work an hour earlier and have the producers and writers work with her news reading skills.

Read more: http://www.rateitall.com/i-6560-ann-curry.aspx#ixzz1LFv0LQCk

Whoever said Ann Curry was the most beautiful woman on TV needs to get a clue. She is average looking at best. I've seen better mixed asian women on TV. Bad selection by the Today's show.

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