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Ann Curry expected to replace Meredith Vieira on 'Today'

Curry A month ago, we told you that Ann Curry, longtime news anchor for NBC's "Today," was expected to replace Meredith Vieira as the show's co-host; over the weekend, the New York Times reported that NBC would make the announcement on Monday. (Vieira is leaving of her own accord, and if all goes as planned, Curry should take her seat in June.) Nothing's official yet -- NBC did not return calls for confirmation, and Osama bin Laden's death may have pushed the announcement back a day or two -- but NBC's expected to tap Natalie Morales, the 9 a.m. anchor of "Today," as the new news anchor, while moving White House correspondent and MSNBC anchor Savannah Guthrie into the 9 a.m. anchor spot.

The news could come at a time of great reshuffling among the network news and morning shows. Katie Couric recently confirmed that she's leaving CBS Evening News, and CBS is expected to announce Scott Pelley of "60 Minutes" as her replacement. On Friday, Erin Burnett of CNBC announced that she's leaving for CNN. Meanwhile, Couric is planning a move to daytime with her own show, leading some to speculate whether her former "Today" co-anchor Matt Lauer will eventually join her. (His contract is up in 2012, though his boss, Jim Bell, says Lauer's not leaving.)

Curry's promotion would come five years after she was passed over for the position when Couric left "Today" for CBS. Since Vieira began co-hosting in 2006, Curry has developed a reputation as a hard-news reporter, occasionally filling in on NBC's "Nightly News." We look forward to seeing her get just as passionate about interviewing drunk Ewoks and Donald Trump as she was about reporting from Kosovo, Darfur, and Pakistan.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Ann Curry. Credit: NBC Universal, Inc.

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Ann Curry as seen on The Soup:
"Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, hello Good Morning"

She should have moved to "Good Morning America"

I am glad that Meredith is leaving, but certainly wish her and her family all the best. She always looked so dowdy and actually I was embarrassed by the way she was dressed for covering the royal wedding.

Those familiar with diversity and multi-culturalism applaud this appointment, finally, to honor beautiful people-person Ann Curry with a well-deserved position as anchor, who will better represent and relate to cosmopolitan America.

ann curry is and has been the most beautiful woman on television

I think there will be a drop in ratings. Too low key, not enough personality or chemistry with Lauer. One benefit, though, will be not having to hear her say 'hey' to various and sundry people multiple times an hour. There are other greetings, Ann.

Congratulations, Annie! I've watched you for years, getting better and better as a journalist while your presence on NBC has grown. You've proven that patience and perserverance pay off. All the best!

Glad Vieria is leaving but Curry does NOT fit the part, PLEASE get somone else PLEASE PLEASE

Margaret Veira assured her end as anchor when she performed so poorly in an interview of Donald Trump.

I am a LONG TIME Today Show watcher but DO NOT like Ann Curray in a co-anchor role. She is far to sugary sweet and I for one will change channels - Sorry, Ann!

that's great -she should have been picked last time!

Hi Ann, congratulations on this very long overdue and extremely well deserved promotion. I'm excited to say that I will soon be tuning into NBC each morning because you will be at the front desk. T.

p.s. NBC execs, what the heck took you so long anyway?

Ann Curry is very good.

If this happens I will stop watching Today, I'll go over to GMA. Ann Curry is a pain she is so drama on her reports. And as for interviews, oh my gosh. The woman does the whole interview herself. She never gives the person a chance to answer, she answers for them. She acts like an expert on all subjects. Not too long ago she took it upon herself to answer a question and the doctor told her she was wrong, flat out wrong. Please don't put Ann Curry in that spot...........I agree ratings will drop. Oh, I forgot to mention her phoney laugh, are you kidding me.......DON"T DO IT!

please not her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is WONDEFUL! She has so much more class than Viera. Never cared for Meredith on the view and liked her less on the Today Show. Ann is beautiful inside and out and so deserving of this promotion. Way to go, Ann, and NBC!!!

I love that Ann is taking his spot. She is such a great anchor. She is so pretty. =)

Ann Curry is a horrible interviewer and terrible choice for the Today anchor position. She puts more sap on a story then there needs to be and is far from objective in her approach. In the most vulnerable interviews with subjects who have experienced pain, loss or suffering - she will always try to milk far more out of a situation to get the subject to cry or break down. It's just painful to watch. I too am for having diversity at the helm, but not with this choice. I would have put Natalie Morales in that position.

I was wondering when NBC was going to get it right after Katie Couric's departure. Ann is going to be a great morning anchor. She knows her place in the pecking order and has always been respectful and acted accordingly. It will be wonderful to to see her grow and interact with Matt. I remember when Matt took over for Bryan Gumble. Look at him now.

I consider this a miracle. I was so sickened by M .V. that I switched channels for awhile but Matt and Ann drew me back again, and Al, they can"t be beat. She was always trying to upstage Matt and she lacked true professionalism on the show. Hitting Matt with her papers etc. She is not cute like Katie Couric and she couldn't get away with it. She dressed very frumpy in the beginning and didn't improve much over the years. Welcome Ann to the spotlight............

I agree w/ Jim. Ann is unpleasant in her sugary way of trying to get people to cry or love her or whatever that breathy voice is for. It makes me uncomfortable. i also would like to see Natalie in the seat. I thought she should have gotten it 5 years ago.

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