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About (Late) Last Night: Lady Gaga addresses rumors, eats Letterman's notes [Video]

May 24, 2011 |  6:41 am


On Monday -- the very day her new album "Born This Way" was finally released -- the pop cultural juggernaut known as Lady Gaga stopped by "The Late Show." It was her first appearance on the show, but based on the evidence, she ought to hurry back. Gaga and host David Letterman had a charming, if unexpected, rapport, flirting and laughing as if they were the leads in a very 21st-century screwball comedy. 

The highlight came toward the end of the segment, when Letterman asked Lady Gaga to clear up a series of rumors that had appeared in the press (a time-honored talk show tradition). For the record: Lady Gaga's meat dress has been turned into beef jerky (but a friend took care of the preservation, not her), she does not relax by fly-fishing (no surprise there) and she has eaten Barbie-doll heads in concert before. 

This last revelation brought out the concerned father in Letterman. "No, that's not true. That'll poison you," he said, seeming genuinely worried. "That's polypropylene!"

Then Lady Gaga declared she was "fed up," grabbed one of Letterman's notecards, tore it up, and tossed it into her mouth.  "It's delicious," she claimed.

"It's chemically treated. You're gonna be sick for weeks," Letterman warned. "You won't be out of the egg for a month." Then, as if on cue, Lady Gaga pretended to pass out.

Quick! Someone get these two their own variety show.


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--Meredith Blake