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About (Late) Last Night: Jimmy Fallon destroys Ed Helms in beer-pouring competition [Video]

May 25, 2011 |  6:18 am


You might think Ed Helms, star of the upcoming "The Hangover Part II," would be a pro at games involving beer consumption, but apparently, you'd be wrong.

On Tuesday, Helms paid a visit to "Late Night," where playful host Jimmy Fallon challenged him to a game called "Long Pour."

Here's how it works: Both Helms and Fallon are given three bottles of beer, which they must pour from a bottle into a mug, and from a mug into a cylinder; the first to empty three bottles of beer wins. The twist is that their arms are fully extended and attached at either end to a broomstick, so that the beer bottle and mug are close to 6 feet apart. Emptying one into the other requires very precise aim, flexibility and a willingness to get beer in the eye.

Based on the evidence above, it looks like Helms could use a lot more practice. Maybe on location for "The Hangover Part III"?

-- Meredith Blake