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Osama bin Laden's death: ABC News releases video of inside of mansion where terrorist leader was killed

ABC News on Monday released photos and video of the inside of the mansion where Osama Bin Laden was killed.

The graphic video shows a blood-splattered floor in a room inside the ransacked compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

President Obama announced Sunday that Bin Laden was killed by U.S. special forces near Pakistan's capital, Islamabad.

Watch the video below and/or see the photos here


Photos: Osama bin Laden is dead

U.S. kills Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden, born to privilege, dies a pariah

Osama bin Laden's killing a huge boost for President Obama

Osama bin Laden's death galvanizes Sunday night

-- Yvonne Villarreal

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Thats nice...so show me the body.

rot in helll.

Why was the body bumped so quickly?... any reason? could it be that it might not have been him?.... any DNA taken? or would that be a too intellegent idea?.... facts are worth more than this stereotipical american hype.

Anyone who believes this phony story is pretty naive and gullible. I wonder how script writers worked on it, and to line up the characters to play the roles? what a joke on the world, an out and out con job. So dishonest our U.S. Govt and the UK, all countries in on this fake story, so dishonorable.
Plus the media gets their stories mixed up, contradicting each other. A great phony story written for the world. What chumps, fools we all are. And to know this all about money and Govt.'s power while we the people will pay the price. It's all lies folks, all lies.

Given the gravity of this story, posting a drug commercial before the video that is at least as long as the video itself is the ultimate in crassness. What's next--candy bar commercials with the next story on a mass school shooting?
ABC News should exercise some discretion on when and how to commercialize the sensationalism of death, and the LA Times should not link to news agencies that exploit same.
For better video coverage (without the bread and circuses), go to the BBC online.

What the "birthers" movement is dying so now you decide on deciding that Osama's death is fake? Thanks for showing us your ignorance.

Obama seems to go from one drama to another. First the mystery birth record and now the mystery of why no body?

We need to see something that makes this story believable.

CNN was told Sunday evening not to reveal\
what president Obama was going to speak abt just that he
would be speaking......I flicked to espn and their crawler stated
that Bin Laden had been killed strange brew..

Last night was President Obama's Lincoln moment. Just like what happened after the Civil War had ended and crowds had gathered at the White House and President Lincoln eventually emerged to address the crowd, crowds gathered again at the White House upon learning of bin Laden's death before President Obama addressed the nation.

I agree with the general attitude of comments..

It would have been constructive to reveal and present the body, so there is a general suspicion that Bin Laden may have actually died long before this announcement.

Considering the pack of continuous fabrications coming from the Whitehouse, the people need to organize with greater emergency in response to the direction that US government is taking.

I am from Canada and I fear that our government leaders may be emboldened to follow even more closely the patterns of our US neighbours. But Canadians are even more lackadasical than Americans..


show me the body 2

Why would they lie about him being dead, when all it is going to do is intice bin Laden's followers to get revenge on the US?

"why would they lie about him being dead"

I doubt "they" would, lest he pop his head up and make fools of everyone. Rather, it seems most likely that enough intel was gathered to prove that he'd been killed long ago, and this event was staged to help Obama's subprime ratings. Also, why waste a great story when you can use it to strengthen American neo-nationalism. How long until we start breaking out windows on Muslim-owned businesses? Oh, by the way, now can I have my freedom back???

why would they lie I just dont understand why they would lie and do all this work to fool the american public into thinking theyre safe when theyre still in dasnger if he attacked and the american goverment again that would be a lot of unhappy american citizens I just dont think the goverment would risk that

Osama bin Laden is dead Exclusive naws.


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