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We want drama! ABC soap fans rally to keep Erica Kane and her daytime friends on the air

Amc Like sands through the hourglass, daytime soap operas are falling off the TV grid.

The recent demise started in 2007 with the cancellation of “Passions” on NBC (and later on DirecTV). Two years later, CBS nixed “The Guiding Light” and "As the World Turns.” Earlier this month, ABC announced “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” would be coming to an end.

Deanna Paige Uranga, though, isn’t ready to give up on Erica Kane just yet. Like the conniving characters she's grown up with, Uranga, a 43-year-old nurse from Los Angeles, has devised a plan. 

Fans are ticked off, she said. “And we’re not going to just let this slide.”

Fifteen minutes after learning the ABC soaps had been canceled, she set up Rally for Amc and Oltl on Facebook. The page has generated nearly 3,000 “likes.” But it’s not a place to commiserate. Oh, no, they’re on a mission. Each day Uranga and her partner Jamie Vaughn list an advertiser’s contact info and ask fans to flood the company's phone lines, Facebook pages, etc. in hopes that the sponsors will stop advertising on ABC.

“We have a lot of passion. We’re focused. We’re not deviating from the plan,” said Uranga, who has been watching “AMC” since she was 7. “We’re doing this for us, for our mothers, for our grandmothers. Soap opera fans have negative stereotypes. But it’s just like being an avid reader. This has been one grand book that we have been watching for decades. We do not want this book to end.”

Every book, though, eventually reaches its last page  When asked if she was prepared for the idea that the campaign may fail, Uranga would only say: “I’m not allowing that thought to even be a possibility.”

So far, the efforts haven’t been a total waste. Uranga and Vaughn's page has teamed up with a sister page, Save AMC and OLTL, to get their voices heard. Fans inundated Hoover with messages Sunday and the company announced Monday that it would no longer advertise on ABC. Wednesday, they targeted the Hershey's. Thursday, the soap fans are going after pain reliever Excedrin -- though, some of the postings seem to have been deleted, according to Uranga.

Novartis Consumer Health, the pharmaceutical company whose products include Excedrin, had this to say about the outcry: "Novartis Consumer Health is aware of consumer feedback regarding advertising support for Excedrin on ABC. We’ve told our fans who've posted their frustration on our Facebook page that we're sorry to hear that the cancellation of two of the longest running shows on ABC Daytime has caused them a headache!"

ABC had no comment on the fan campaign.

ShowTrackers, do you think the fans have a chance? Do you plan on joining them in their fight?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Image: The Rally for Amc and Oltl page on Facebook

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I have joined in their efforts & the many other groups on face book, as well, that are standing up for our soaps! I was devistated when I heard the cancellation news. I started trying to do my part before the official announcment, when it was only rumor. I joined any SOS (save our soaps) type of groups I could find on facebook. I went back into my twitter account (which I probably hadn't used in at least a year) to contact stars & anyone else who may be able to help, & I started emailing ABC. I was sure that no matter what I did it would never be enough, but these women & their great idea, might just be the HOPE that we all needed! So glad that they had such a great idea! Our numbers are growing every day & we will never give up!!

I've already begun joining them on their fight. I don't even watch ABC soaps for the most part...but the genre needs to be kept alive for future generations to enjoy. We will prevail.

Fans are are rallying together to save our soaps! We love Hoover! We also have a petition to fire Mr Frons. It has over 10,000 signatures!!!

I am here with you, boycotting Abc except for my soaps! I will no longer watch anything the view, the news, millionaire,DWTS nothing if its not my day time stories until they let them stay!! Keeep DAYTIME drama Alive!!! I have been watching for 30 years and im not ready to stop. I dont want to watch snooki, i dont want to watch cooking stuff that i can tune into the foodnetwork or the food channel for.

Im ready to give up buying and watching anything that wont help back us up!! Thanks to Hoover for being the one to stand up and say Yes we hear you!! Well yes i will BUY YOU!!! You win, We win!!

I too am a member of these two great groups plus some others. We are a united front with the goal to rescind the death sentence that has been given our soaps. Abc has ignored its viewers wants and needs! When asked to see their "research" they ignore us (there is none!) and companies like Hoover has shown integrity in joining us. Please read Catherine Hicklands impassioned blog also. Thank you Ms Villarreal for writing suc a great article.!!

Way to go Paige and Jamie!!!

Soaps have run their course. This is long overdue.

I saw a movement like this when The Gilmore Girls was on its last legs a few years ago. It didn't work for GG then and it probably won't work for One Life or All My Children now.

This is a fight that is a marathon, the fans are up for it and will continue to fight together to ask EVERY Advertiser/Sponsor, Affiliate, board member, investor, Shareholder and ABC Executive to make a something positive happen. We want to see ABC reconsider this devastating decision that puts many out of work, silences the viewers desire for Soap Opera's and closes the doors on 2 iconic shows. All or most fans are boycotting ALL ABC shows except the soaps as well.

We have only just begun... the fight will continue until ABC reconsiders or the last episode airs... We are going to Let it Rip before R.I.P. ... We Won't Back Down and We Won't Give In. The jobs of the cast and crew and the shows themselves mean TOO MUCH to us to just let them go because of a VERY BAD decision by ABC execs.

These shows need to be saved. They are an institution and I watch them 5 days a week.

I am boycotting ABC and advertisers except for hoover who has genorously helped us through this I will watch abc mon thru fri from 12-3pm not before and not after which means ratings for good morning america.regis and kelly, the view will fall greatly until ABC recants on cancelling all my children and one life to live

I am a successful business woman, and not an at-home mom. I think there is this concept that only stay at home mothers watch soaps. Because of the misconception at to who watches these programs, and because the sacrifices a stay at home mom makes for the family is not appreciated by certain media, soap opera viewers are viewed negatively. As well, the people who work on these shows are the hardest and most dedicated group of people in the entertainment industry.
Why is that? Because 5 days a week they have to put on a professional one hour show that has to say something to their audience.
So, naturally, when someone like Brian Frons becomes the head of daytime television and he is not a "lover of soaps", he makes comments equating the soap viewers to dogs. Now, I love my dogs, but I do not think he meant this as a pleasant
attribute of the viewers. While retaining this somewhat slanted view, he did nothing positive to accomplish a team atmosphere to increase the ratings he felt was needed to keep these shows on the air. To the contrary, he was hoping and wanting them to fail.
In the end, it is all about money! The costs to put on a dumb cooking or talk show is alot less than employing 600+ professionals to do these two soaps. So it was nothing for him to pink slip everyone just minutes before the news was to go nationwide. He showed no respect to the people who worked for him, and blindsided the viewers at the same time.
However, here is one thing he definitely did not consider:
the viewers of these shows are not dumb, we are not dogs, and we are very loyal to the people who work on our soaps!
While today we know not whether we will reverse the decision of the powers that be, we do know that this is a fight we will not give up on. When thousands of viewers start tuning out of ABC in protest, and there evening ratings take a plunge, perhaps then, ABC will listen. When many of their key advertisers bid then adieu, perhaps then, ABC will listen. Right now, they are turning their backs to us....but sooner or later, when the boycott hits their wallets, I bet we get their attention. I urge all viewers who have loved these programs to join the facebook groups to make our voices heard. Remember, YOU HAVE A VOICE! MAKE THEM HEAR YOU!

I have been watching soaps for over 30 years and it isn't time to stop now. These people have become part of our family and it is hard to watch a character leave the show but to lose them all at one time, that is just way wrong.

I have been watching All My Children since High School (a long time). I'm so upset to hear it's over. Please reconsider - I just cannot take another reality show or cooking or talk show. There are too many already.

I have been an ABC soap fan since I was young. I remember watching AMC with my mom, my daughter watched it with me, and I have to admit it has been on when my grand-daughter is in the room. That is 4 generations of AMC fans! I ran home from school to watch GH (bet they are next to be axed).
Frons and his execs are out of touch, soap fans are not stay at home moms, we are Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, students, and yeah there are a few stay at home moms(dads) in the mix.
Soaps take us away from the everyday stuff, and trasport us to Pine Valley, LLanview and Port Charles. I'd much rather see that than "the real housewives of where ever", those bobble head kids from the shore, or the "who are they again" reality shows.
No one cancels Erica Kane!!!!!

Read the article again. Their "coveted demographic" is women ages 18-49. So I guess any of us over the age of 49 should either be put in a nursing home or shot, at least according to Disney/ABC. Sounds like grounds for a class-action age discrimination lawsuit.

i dont understand why abc is doing this i read on a blog that brian frons said that he knew that the shows that are replacing all my children and oltl will get lower ratings but is that not the reason to cancel the soaps ratings?and what they are saying is that viewers between the ages of 18 to 35 do not want to watch soaps is not true they are the young mothers home with babies and young children they want drama not talk shows also the stories are geared toward young people star and james jack shane jr marissa colby who does abc think they are fooling they just want t to put some cheep show out there thinking they will get a better profit to make the big fat exectives richer they dont give a damn about the viewers they are just greedy i hope that chew bites them in the ass. yes i am between 18-35 and i love oltl and all my children thank you

Greed. Brian Frons promised a lot of profit with cheap crap. And greedy ABC/Disney jumped on it. Well I have a long memory and I will not be watching ABC or buying anything Disney. Thanks for kicking the viewers in the face then spitting on them. I spend the money in our household so I will remember which sponsors did what. I'm a life long fan now of Hoover. I will always own a Hoover. But I won't be watching OWN or ABC/Disney while I Hoover my floor.

I, too, have joined in the efforts. I grew up watching these shows. They may mean nothing to ABC(which is obvious, from the distasteful way they let the cast/crew/production team learn the news) but to us they mean everything. These shows/the actors and the characters they play are like family to us! Would you give up on your family? I wouldn't! And I won't!

Fans of Agnes Nixon soaps will stay true to her and not let her legacy go without a fight. Every day thousands of viewers are fighting to save quality daytime programming. We will rally behind those sponsors that join us, like HOOVER. Phone calls, emails, handwritten letters, faxes, protests is only part of what is being done to show that these shows have plenty of viewers that want them on the air. The replacement programming will not be watched because it can be seen elsewhere or ABC viewers dont want to see it. Today is HOOVER day - Id be curious to see how HOOVER is doing after showing their committment to integrity of advertising

I have already joined many of these sites. I have only been watching AMC and OLTL for 7 1/2 years now but have been watching the genre for about 30 years now. I'm in the target demographic age (41), I work full time in business and enjoy my nightly recorded escape from the realities of life into the world of Pine Valley, Llanview, and Port Charles. When I heard this horrific news I was very upset. I too would really like to see where Brian Frons gets his research data from since he claims that people don't watch these shows. If this was actually true then why has there been such a outcry of protest and people across American boycotting ABC in protest of this outrageous decision. Not only are they killing these iconic shows and putting hundreds of employees out work but they are hurting the fans of these shows. We will not back down on the fight ever. Someone commened on the fact that there may be a case for a class action lawsuit on age discrimination, but also what about disrimination against women. Long live Pine Valley and Llanview.

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