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Today in Trump: The Donald intensifies his beef with Bill Cosby [Video]

April 12, 2011 | 11:26 am

Donald Trump has been getting Bill Cosby all riled up about his possible presidential run, between his dismissal of Obama's birth certificate and his suggestion that we should steal Iraq's oil. Last week, Cosby told the "Today" show that Trump should "run or shut up" because "he's full of it." On Tuesday, Trump fired back.

In a statement issued to "Today," the Donald claimed he was shocked at the statement, because he's friends with Cosby, and "the hatred was pouring out of his eyes." Trump blamed politics: "If he doesn't want me to run because he's obviously an Obama fan, he should state the reasons and not come into my green room in front of numerous witnesses and treat me like his best friend."

And yet, Trump -- who frequently finds a way to transition between talking about his presidential ideals and his ratings for "Celebrity Apprentice" -- can't help but find something to admire in Cosby, who knows his way around self-promotion. "Sadly, [Cosby] got more attention talking about me than he did on the merits of his own appearance," said Trump. "Maybe he is not as dumb as I thought."

-- Melissa Maerz