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Today in Trump: The Donald intensifies his beef with Bill Cosby [Video]

Donald Trump has been getting Bill Cosby all riled up about his possible presidential run, between his dismissal of Obama's birth certificate and his suggestion that we should steal Iraq's oil. Last week, Cosby told the "Today" show that Trump should "run or shut up" because "he's full of it." On Tuesday, Trump fired back.

In a statement issued to "Today," the Donald claimed he was shocked at the statement, because he's friends with Cosby, and "the hatred was pouring out of his eyes." Trump blamed politics: "If he doesn't want me to run because he's obviously an Obama fan, he should state the reasons and not come into my green room in front of numerous witnesses and treat me like his best friend."

And yet, Trump -- who frequently finds a way to transition between talking about his presidential ideals and his ratings for "Celebrity Apprentice" -- can't help but find something to admire in Cosby, who knows his way around self-promotion. "Sadly, [Cosby] got more attention talking about me than he did on the merits of his own appearance," said Trump. "Maybe he is not as dumb as I thought."

-- Melissa Maerz

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Bill Cosby is right on about Trump.

oh jezus pleeze they are both so creepy.

Trump/Palin '12

Trump is a morally bankrupt egomaniac who no one takes seriously.
(But to those "birthers" who do: If you back this guy, you are seriously wasting your time and money.)

Both these specimens are self-obsessed and self-entitled. Cosby's life long sense of importance is enough to gag a maggot, and, Trump is one. While I'm no fan, Cosby has had some unpopular but salient things to say to his people (the African-American ones, not his legion of fans). Trump, ever the immoral slob, has, on the other hand, made a career of screwing his investors and laughing in their faces. The "dumb" one is all too clear.

Trump's brain is fried from too much hair spray!

It's just business Donald. Chill.

What is Crosby so annoyed about Trump? Bill seems so bitter these days. He is turning into a not so funny bitter old man.

Dump the Trump! He is part of the problem, and offers no solutions to the economic mess the previous President Bush got us into! I don't want another ridiculous rich (gold toilet seats) ego driven maniac to run us into the ground.

stupid people blame bush for this economic issue. forget about the freddie mac/fannie mae debacle initiated by the stupid democrats--todd and frank! Forget about stifling the free enterprise spirit and constant ridiculous spending. Obama is an idiot. Bill Cosby is a bitter old fool. stupid and miserable man. Trump is great for america and for the political discourse. Trump has done nothing wrong. why ---cant obama be criticised. Does obama know anything about he private sector??

Donald Trump is just a rich uncouth unscrupled unnecessary derelict look how his childish rage at Rosie O'Donnell - she is not a prima donna Trump but she is not ugly as you said and she is not combing her hair over like a picked chicken - Bill Cosby don't further this childish fight with this seemingly unbalanced individual who probably thinks he is God and should not be criticized

Cosby is right about Trump. Trump is angling for PR, maybe hoping to curry favor with the Koch-Tea Party traitors.

Any birther who keeps bouncing his casino - a CASINO, fer godsakes - in & out of bankruptcy is a social parasite. We've already had one GW Bush, we don't need another moron.

I just realized what is going to happen. Trump will soon be telling us that he will give his decision on the final episode of this season's The Apprentice...and at that time he will say he won't run, choosing instead to stay on the show and work on his businesses. This is just all a big buildup so he gets a huge season finale audience.

Mariata posted:

"Ego driven maniac running us into the ground" …that description would be one to use for obama not trump or bush….who do you think added 14 trillion to the defecate that was only 3 trillion? At least with Trump nobody can buy him. As for Crosby, he has become a degenerate with little to no class.


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