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'Survivor' recap: To fast forward, perchance to dream

April 28, 2011 |  9:57 am

99482_DD02408b Ooooh, another double elimination took place on “Survivor”! I don’t know what’s more exciting about it: that it moved things along quicker or that it provided for more drama.

Ha! Sorry, I couldn’t keep that going. There was absolutely no drama to speak of in this week’s episode. So, yes, it was awesome in that it got rid of two people we knew were goners and brings us true “what will happen?” scenarios next week.

Let me save you some time whether or not you watched the hour Wednesday night and sum it all up rather quickly. Phillip and Steve both faked nice after last week’s town hall on racism. Phillip finds his swim trunks after yet another meditation or whatever. Even with Matt down and out and ready to go home, Julie loses at the Redemption Island “truel.” Andrea feels bad for breaking Matt’s spirit and tells people about it, making Rob and others halfway think about voting her out.

Log rolling is this week’s immunity challenge, which NFL player-turned-yogi Grant was a lock to win, and he did. He won safety, a chocolate cake and milk, and he picked Rob and Andrea to share it with for two minutes. Even though Ralph offered to “hug his neck” but isn’t “a gay person.” There’s also a twist teased for the next tribal council, and everyone predicts that two people will be going to RI. Steve approaches Ashley and Natalie with another game-changing opportunity, saying the three girls could vote with him and Ralph and get rid of Rob. Ashley realizes that would totally work, but the two still run and tell Rob what the deal is.

We’re back at tribal, where Ralph is voted out but almost forgets to take his torch after Jeff Probst snuffs it. Then, yes, they had an immunity challenge and another tribal council vote right then and there. It was another memory game, and although he came close, Steve lost and Rob won immunity again. Steve was sent packing.

OK, with all that out of the way, let’s talk a bit about what may happen from here on out. One, it’s a little late for Andrea to be feeling bad for turning on Matt, but I’d like to think it’ll give her a push she needs, now that everyone in Ometepe will be fighting each other. I’ve said enough already about how Rob’s rubbed me the wrong way this year, but I guess I’m more bothered by the lack of a real challenge for him. I can only hope that Andrea can get together with the girls and take over, but Rob still has that immunity idol in his back pocket. The tease for next week’s episode made it seem that Rob lost at the challenge or that his back’s against the wall. Still, right now I’d say Andrea or Phillip will be voted out next.

And re: Redemption Island, Probst told Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross that people will still be battling over at RI in the finale. Like Ross, I feel that’s kind of unfair, because it just seems like everyone will give the million dollars to whoever lasts at RI. Well, I take that back. If Matt is the last one standing once more, he’s got it in the bag. If Rob’s sent to RI and wins, he’s got it. If it’s anyone else, it won’t be as obvious.

But what do you think? Was the episode as boring as I made it out to look? Are you more impressed with Rob’s domination or upset with no one going against him? And should Redemption Island last until the finale?


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— Anthony Williams / anthonyw_ent

Photos: Steve during better days on "Survivor." Credit: Michael Yarish / CBS.