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'Survivor' postgame: David can't talk about much

April 21, 2011 | 10:44 pm

100311_SG0SG092[1]After the first "truel" of this season's "Survivor," West Hollywood attorney David Murphy was sent home for good. He is, though, the first member of the jury that voted for the winner to be named at the live finale Sunday, May 15.

I talked to "Murphy, David Murphy" before the season started since he was one of several Southern Californians competing. At that time he was outside a Santa Monica hospital, visiting a friend, so I assumed whatever was going on there had something to do with the conversation. Talking to him again today, well, he still seemed a little... down.

Now, yes, he did just relive himself losing any chance at winning a million dollars, but he definitely seemed to hold back more than others I've talked to so far. When I asked him why he was wearing a full business suit when he arrived in Nicaragua, he said he couldn't talk about that. For the life of me, I have no idea why. Is their a prequel yet to air? Was he in court right before heading to the airport?

What did David say? Finding out he had to compete with Rob and Russell was "not something I expected." Nor was the whole Redemption Island twist. And that, with regard to watching the show, "seeing what I didn't [personally] see is just as fun as what I did see."

Mr. Murphy did go a bit into detail about his early alliance with Sarita that went nowhere for either of them.

"Sarita and I had an agreement, and then later she said she didn't want to work with me individually, but did want to work together as a group," David said. "It was just very stupid, because even if you want to do that, don't say that to my face."

True. He also talked a little about his strategy in his one and only duel, which was as I expected.

"[I wanted] a stable base, thought that would be a problem when we go to the top," he said, as to why he fell so far behind the others. "As we say, it was a problem for Mike."

As far as who he still keeps in contact with, I mentioned Stephanie, but he said: "Everyone's doing their own thing." And who does he want to win?

"I'd like to see a solid finish from someone," he said.


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— Anthony Williams / anthonyw_ent

Photos: Matt, Mike and David compete on Redemption Island to stay alive for a chance to reenter the game. Credit: Michael Yarish / CBS