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Steve Carell's final 'Office' episode: Which cast members cried?

S-MICHAEL-SCOTT-large300 Tonight, during a very special episode of "The Office," Michael Scott's final goodbye to his Dunder Mifflin coworkers will be extra long and hard ... that's what she said! But seriously, "Goodbye Michael" marks Carell's last appearance on the show, and according to Paul Feig, who directed it (along with a number of classic "Office" episodes), when the shoot began, the cast was still a little worked up from the previous week's bittersweet all-cast singalong to "Seasons of Love" from "Rent."

“It was so emotional!" Feig said. "I was prepping [for the next episode] and my assistant said, 'You should come down here.' The first time they started singing that song, everyone choked up in real life. It really started to land for people that the end is coming."

Did anyone cry during the final episode? "I cried!" admitted Feig. (We also hear that Angela Kingsley, who plays Angela on the show, broke down while filming her final scene with Carell.) According to Feig, during the last weeks of filming, producers and cast members brought treats to the set, including masseuses who offered 15-minute massages between takes. After Carell finished his last shot, there was a special party with a three-foot-high cake. 

"You definitely saw presents being handed around," Feig said. "Steve was even giving out presents to the cast and the crew. I remember seeing them delivered to people’s dressing rooms. But they must've been very personal, because people weren’t really sharing what they got."

Feig gave Carell a desk clock, maybe one he could use in his next office. "I had a Dr. Seuss quote engraved on it -- 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened' -- because that's how I faced the week," he said.

Though he's sad to see Carell go, Feig says he's excited that the episode makes room for a few new 'Office'-mates, including Jim Carrey, Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett, James Spader, Ray Romano and Catherine Tate. "It’s a very satisfying send-off for Michael, but what I like is that it's not the final episode of the season. That's very much like real life. Whether it’s in business or personal relationships or whatever, things end, and then you have to get up the next day and keep dealing with your life. So I think it’s poetic to do it this way." Now we're getting emotional. Sniff!


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-- Melissa Maerz

 Photo: Steve Carell as Michael Scott on "The Office." Credit: NBC

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They've really been doing it right, out of the ballpark. A lot of love and generosity to us viewers. Steve Carrell didn't need this show but I've sensed he stayed on out of his good-heartedness at least in part. Anyway, I've bawled my eyes out the last two episodes and my kleenex box will be at my side tonight. I owe them a big thank you for such a caring, high standard approach to this transition.

Her name is Angela Kinsey, not Kingsley.

luv this show...oxoxoxo

Is this show still on?????

Before I was just sad and wondered "what is he thinking"?! I still am wondering what he is thinking, but am now also dissapointed in Steve Carrell. I truly wish he would have left with the show as opposed to leaving before the show's end.

Before Steve Carrell became a huge success, I remember meeting he and his wife at a bakery I would periodically go to. Truly two of the nicest people I have met. I do not think it is a secret that he has true one of a kind talent. But Steve! What were you thinking??!!!!!!!!!!!

I have read that he is leaving because he feels his character has run it's course and would like to move on to do other films. This does not make since to me! Although he has done a great job in a couple of films, none of his work (so far) has been even close to his work as Micheal! If Steve was leaving to attend to a personal issue, or the care of a child ..... I would at least sympathize. But I just too dissapointed in his choice to give him symphathy.

I watched the last episode expecting to feel sad, but I did'nt! I felt dissapointed and almost discussted with Steve . Very dissapointed that he is choosing to leave a show where his character is most definetely the core, but where he get to work with such an amazing cast! I have said this from the beginning...."Steve, I do not know what you are thinking"! I know I am being repetitive, but I can't but help asking myself this over and over and over and....

Steve established one of the strongest characters in a comedy show to date. I feel his decision is a poor choice to his career, his fellow cast member (and writers) and most of all .... his fans who have given him the success he has today!


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