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Sarah Palin on Katie Couric's CBS exit: 'I read that in a newspaper'

Palin Katie Couric, you can rest assured: Sarah Palin is still reading newspapers!

The former vice presidential candidate, and Fox News contributor, appeared Wednesday in a segment of "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren" and mockingly sent well wishes to the retiring evening news anchor. Couric announced Tuesday she was leaving "CBS Evening News" to focus on more "multidimensional storytelling."

"I think I read that in a newspaper, one of many newspapers that I read online," Palin said. "Yes, and I hear that she wants to now engage in more multidimensional storytelling versus, I guess, just the straight-on read into that teleprompter screen storytelling. So more power to her. I wish her well with her multidimensional storytelling."

You'll recall, prior to the 2008 presidential election, Couric conducted a series of interviews with Palin, including one notorious question about which specific newspapers she read daily.

Show Trackers, what do you think of Palin's adieu to Couric?

If you want to check it out for yourself, forward to around minute 15.


Katie Couric confirms she's leaving 'CBS Evening News'

Katie Couric makes news interviewing Sarah Palin

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— Yvonne Villarreal





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It appears that only Anti-Palin comments are being accepted, that’s the media for you! So many confused liberals, let’s hug a tree somewhere, that will stop the terrorists that want us all dead!

wow... she's gives a whole interview about foreign and domestic policy.. and all people can focus on is a soft story about a retiring news anchor.. grow up people!

Aww, looks like the Marxists on this borad forgot to take their naps.

You guys are mad at Palin and yet you live in California that has passed nearly every Liberal law in the book and you are so far in debt, that you will never get out. You can't even go to a ball game in that hell hole of yours without getting killed. Won't matter because the only thing that the LA Times posts in blogs is Liberal crap.

Katie Couric is useless and thats why CBS took a dump in the ratings. You lefties are stuck with a prez thats engaged in two wars plus with gas prices going out of sight.Don't worry tho,Obama will be gone just like Couric.

I had to force myself to listen to her shrill, annoying voice talk nonsense. She uses many words that may sound important to some but have no substance. On the issue of Libya, she contradicts herself and the only constant in her speech is her relentless attacks on Pres. Obama. And, all I can say is, thank God we don't have her in office. Our country, as bad as it is now because of Bush/Cheney, would be a disaster and we no longer would exist as a viable nation.

Sarah Palin on Katie Couric's CBS exit: 'I read that in a newspaper'

Which one, Sarah? Or, will you have to get back to me with that information at a later date?

You are all such embarrassments. Always so afraid. Why are you all so afraid? Is it because you know the unfairness and inequality of American life? You're afraid that "they" are going to kill you in your homes, your gated communities where you make so easy to locate you all?

Fear is the only thing sustaining your sanity in a world that does not know you exist.

Palin has taken a bunch of trash attack ever since the edited Couric interview. Actually, Sarah was rather kind in wishing Couric well in her future activities. She didn't say anything mean, hostile, or belligerent. Couric has been receiving > $10 million/year for lousing journalism and news casting (she has had terribly low ratings). She's has become the loser. Palin is doing just fine.

It's hard to imagine that woman knows how to read. I suppose it helps when reading the side of a home pregnancy test, the cue cards written for your beauty pageant answers, and the name tags she places on her many children to remember their names.

She should not stop her vigilance in watching Russia from her front porch to read newspapers. It's just the Democrats way of distracting her from her duty to the Confederacy.

The narcissistic wound that never heals.

I can't wait for Saturday Night Live to do a number on Palin and Trump interacting and deciding their political fates! It's GOLDEN! C'mon, Tina Fey!

She couldn't name the newspaper she read it in because she smeared it when to go wipe the sweat off her brow!

@ Donald McClure: Jesus Christ didn't need to write his thoughts on his palm before telling his followers.

Sarah Palin’s family & history is fabricated using logarithms. She became a media magnet to flush out Barack (O’Bomber) Obama’s entire socialist “organized community.” Her name, Sarah (Barrac)uda) Palin, is short for palindrome, such as SOROS. McCain’s favorite band is ABBA, another palindrome. They both claim to be Mavericks. Palin coined the term “mama grizzly.” Interstate 77 American Airlines NBA Maverick Mark Cuban was under investigation for insider trading of a search company called Mamma. The first forum to attack and hack me online was FIB Scams 101 with the owner called Mama. On 9/11 American Airlines flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Palin’s daughter “Willow,” is short for Willow Run Airport off I-94, her birthday 7/7/94. “Piper,” also a plane, shares a birthday with Bruce Willis (John McClane the guy who fights the terrorists in Die Hard.) Sarah’s “siblings” are Heather Heath Bruce and Molly Heath McCann. “Trig” Palin shares a birthday with congressmen from WI, IL, and MI. “Track” Palin shares a birthday with Adolf Hitler. Obama shares a birthday with Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat. “Tripp” Palin appears to have multiple birthdays.

Her and McCain were great, but the jig is up.

Does she know which newspaper she read???

contrary to my new 'friend' @ Pat (previous comment), i'm known to say not nice things, especially if i deem the recipient deserving.
the 'nice' comments i read here from all the vegetative sperm and egg donors commenting about a woman who made governor of a fairly important state, and then a run as vice presidential nominee read like a litany of jealousy, low self-worth and truck loads of oreo's consumed to fuel their vacuous blobbed-out existence in front of keyboards 24/7. some nurse in the past must have dropped this gene pool on the floor mixing all the contents into one sticky puddle of indeterminate slop.
some of the more intelligent quips:
""unkempt pro golfer" look"; carries "grudges"; "Can't name any newspaper she purportedly reads" (she wasn't asked mr/ms armchair TV interviewer); "The Alaskan village idiot" (i hope your "village" is more compassionate to your "special needs") "I'm sure someone had to read it to her" (tell you what einstein, put up $50k for a charity bet that sarah can't read); Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" (are you smarter than your toddler?); She acts less mature than my four year old nephew" (which state did you say your nephew is governor of?); "LOOOOOOSER" (no one is interested in your private thoughts while you're shaving in front of the mirror); "She is a little person, with no intelligence"; "Once an idiot..."; "Who is that Greta dude..." (oooo, maybe that's her lesbian/bi or scientologist personna showing; answers.com)(a side note: greta's husband, john coale, was a palin advisor) ...the defilement of the human intellect in top form!
one egg donor was incapable of deciphering the difference between asking questions and the term mockery.
it's sad that people who spend too much time plopped on their bathroom 'thrones'..., fantasizing how important they imagine they are; fail the simple ability to recognize where their reality is compared to someone like sarah palin.
like pat said: "if you can't say something nice.." ...well then, stuff a handful of oreo's in your gaping mouths and type on because the fact is, NONE of you will ever measure up to the status of the worst of sarah palin.
however, recognizing decorum when something nice IS said, good going @Donald R. McClure, a true gentleman. @huang, perfectly said on that, huang. and for @kc, i agree, for her age, sarah is a bona-fide wild thang' kc. and for that kc, i have a reward for you. yeah its photo shopped, but when you see this, i have no doubt you'll vote for sarah when/if she ever runs for queen of the galaxy:

She's still writing down notes on the palm of her hand...???

Wow! Am I the only person who noticed that?

Freeze the video at the 03:51 mark and you'll see it clearly...


Why is the woman still relevent? She should be bare foot and pregnant. She has a punk for a husband because he can't keep her in the kitchen where she belongs. If she was my wife, I'd have her making me some moose stew and ironing my shirts for work. She read a few newpapers and now she knows the world. I bet that squeeky voice sounds good in the bedroom.

Katie Couric is intelligent. $arah Palin is the village idiot who has scammed her way into making herself a wealthy woman. Um...maybe she is not as stupid as I thought.

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