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Pia Toscano's 'American Idol' elimination shocks tweeters too!

MB1_4279 Those of us who are shocked by Pia Toscano's elimination from "American Idol" and wondering if maybe our own love for her made us blind to some growing online social media movement against her, may take comfort in a chart released Thursday night immediately after Ryan Seacrest delivered the shocking news: Turns out, the Twitter chatters loved her too.

According yap.TV, a social media TV app for iPhone devices, which measured the quantity and sentiment of viewer response on Twitter during and in the 24 hours following Wednesday night's "Idol" in which Pia slayed the uptempo "River Deep, Mountain High," Pia was the subject of more Twitter commentary, much of it positive, than any other contestant. (Scotty McCreery came in second; Jacob Lusk, who was in this week's bottom three, third.)

What's more, adds yap.TV's Co-Founder Shawn Cunningham, "Pia has had the most Twitter chatter this entire week, and clearly was thought to be the top pick."

YapTV---Wednesday-4-6-11-Twitter-results-for-Idol-(1) (1) For what it's worth, Pia's tweeting supporters are not giving up: At least one fan has started an online petition to bring her back. (Will celebrity Pia supporters like Tom Hanks and Snooki sign it?)

But Pia seems to have regained her equilibrium in the hours since her elimination, tweeting late last night: "I'm truly going to miss my idol family! Thank you @JLo Randy and Steven for believing in me. Love you and love my fans!"

What do you think went wrong for Pia? Why did she get voted off, despite apparent widespread popular support? Please share your theories!

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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Pia Toscano, with Ryan Seacrest, is eliminated on Fox's "American Idol" on Thursday. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox

Chart: yap.TV

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I still can't believe that Pia Toscano's eliminated. I believe that it will continue to be one of the top tweet topics for a long time. I think maybe it's because that people believed she can never be eliminated that easily and that thought might have effected the votes..

The little girls that vote don't like sexy women that can sing.

She is/was one of the best singers on the show---unfortunately she isn't a performer (the complete package they keep talking about)and perhaps the judges have sung her praises as well as Jacobs' for too long---Jacobs comment about the "American people" probably landed him in the bottom three--honestly I thought Jacob, James and Pia would be contenders for the win---regardless--she'll have a huge career after idol as will several of them in my opinion--

It was no shocker to me, that Pia was eliminated. I think, a lot of viewes would have liked to see more out of her. Pia is a beautiful girl with an amazing voice, and we wanted to see her do upbeat songs and use the stage. The stage is big, move it, girl..Don't just stand in one place and sing ballad after ballad. That's what probably caused her to be eliminated.

i never really ever watched idol as much as i did this year,there never was a pia tuscano
she beautiful, elegant, and so great on stage,shes another lara fabian,or tina arena,shes was the best thing to ever happen to idol,what happened to her was so wrong, i can,t believe it, i,m sick about her going, bring her back, my god what talent,theres no use to watch it anymore, she was the whole show

america idol should leave the voting to people who know talent, how could you vote pia off, bring her back,pia was the show,

I think the reason that she was eliminated was that many people didn't vote thinking that she would have a lot more voters than the other contestants. I voted for her many times and I was very dissapointed to see her go because I seriously thought she was going to win the whole competition. Even though Pia didn't win, I'm sure she has a bright career ahead of her. LOVE YOU PIA!!!!

If this is the vote of our future entertainment watchers, than I am done with American Idol T.V. shows. Pia is a class act and the rest should go home. Guess I'm just to old to watch anymore of this show.

The reason she was eliminated was two-fold. First she chose bad songs. "River Deep" wasn't even a catchy song when Tina Turner did it. You just don't choose a Tina Turner song if you don't plan on exceeding her stage intensity. Pia's previous choices were not always the best either. Second, and most importantly she continued to make promises of more stage movement and "uptempo" performances and people got tired of her not coming through! She kept promising after each performance yet didnt listen to the judges. The woman is a great singer and there are others that should have been eliminated prior to her. She did herself in with false promises and poor song selection. Sad but true.

I think some people may have found her singing to be too boring, not to their liking or something.. or some people's judgements could be just flawed. But I don't think her singing is boring because she sings even better than Whitney Houston.

It is obvious what is going. A much younger(probably female)fan base is doing most of the voting. The fact that there are only two women left and six guys still remain should attest to this.

The process is flawed. The judges need to have a role in the voting - as they do in Dancing With The Stars. You could even have the final vote be totally judge driven. The concept is about audience, but it is also about professional potential. Let the audience participate in the run-up, but let the pros pick the indivdual with the best shot at real professional stardom. That might not help Pia, but it will prevent the next Pia-gate; and it may help preserve the show - lest enough folks get fed up and stop watching. For example, I personally don't see the need to follow the show any more this season.

This is the most talented group I have ever seen in one season and Pia was clearly the most talented of the group. I'm through with the show this year. It's tough to keep up with the teeny boppers texting 50 votes for Stephano et al. Not knocking him but there is just no comparison between them. I have no doubt he was ready to say goodby last night when he was standing there with her waiting for Ryan to give him the bad news. I'll buy her music and see her in concert. GO PIA!

I beleive that everyone got caught up trying to use their votes to keep some of the less talented people on the show and just assumed that Pia would always make it through. The jusdges don't help by constantly complaining that she doesn't do more "up-tempo". All the while laying praise on contestants like Stephano who doesn't belong in this competition.

Change vote to rank remaining contestants 1-9 ...Pia would have been in most people's top 5..thus would not have been eliminated.

Pia is lovely, talented, wonderful voice. BUT, would voters buy her records? Would they pay lots of bucks to see her in concert? American Idol still remains a selfish popularity contest.

The judges obviously used their save too early. Most, except perhaps the teeny-boppers realized that Pia had a great voce. Sure, her movements weren't so great, but they reflect her careful, measured character. Too bad she's gone . . . . once again the voters have shown that it's not about talent . . . . so, I'm through with it myself.

Pia certainly should have lasted into the top 3. Has anyone done a demographic of voters' age & gender? I'll bet they are mostly females - middle school to young adult. They're not interested in beautiful, talented women. They'd rather vote for cute guys (more appealing & less threatening). Sad...

I was totally shocked that Pia would be sent home. Sure the votes come down to the public, but the difference is in the judges this year. Sure Simon was cruel at times, but he pointed out the issues after each contestant sang. All the judges this year are playing so nice that I don't think it is good for the contestants and it sure does not give the public any professional feedback.

I think come next week's American Idol presentation that all audience participates in an audience walk out. Only experienced judges can determine a winner from a loser.

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