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Pia Toscano's still smiling after 'Idol' elimination

MB1_4326 As crushed as so many of us were about Pia Toscano's surprising and sad elimination on "American Idol" Thursday night, by the end of the day on Friday, hopeful signs were emerging that the talented singer was taking her ouster in stride -- and that we haven't heard the last of her.

It turns out that Pia may have been the one person who wasn't completely surprised to find out she was headed home this week. "It’s funny because the night before I had a weird feeling in my stomach," she told reporters during a conference call Friday morning. "And I said to my parents, 'You know, I kind of feel like I’m going to be in the bottom three tomorrow. And they said, ‘No, no, be confident. You’re going to be fine. You’re going to be fine.’ And then when it happened, it was kind of like I expected it. It was weird."

She also said that she was less shocked to be leaving than upset that she wouldn't be able to perform next week, as she'd planned. But now that the news has sunk in, she says, she's "trying to stay positive and know that everything happens for a reason."

And she's pretty excited about the outpouring of love from fans and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Hanks, Snooki and Jennifer Hudson, among many others: "To have the support of a lot of celebrities right now and my fans is amazing," Pia said. "It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Thankfully, there's every indication that that feeling may last a while: Pia, who said during Friday's conference call that she's hoping to make a pop album "with an R&B influence with those big power ballads as well and those dance hits," was spotted entering a Los Angeles office building for a meeting with a record label on Friday, Just Jared reports.

She was flashing a smile that looked as bright as her future. 

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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Pia Toscano is eliminated on "American Idol" on Thursday. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox

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She's sexy.

Weird, almost feels like Pia wins after all :)

I was totally shocked to see that Pia was sent home this week. Steven Tyler said it best when he said "vote for the one that gave you chills". It is constantly said by Ryan Seacrest to "vote for your favorite to keep them in the competition" It should be "vote for the one you think sang the best" or "gave you chills" This season is by far the best season with all the amazing talent being superior to previous seasons. I really think America got it wrong this week.

I love the show - but maybe it should be industry people like record producers etc that judge the final 10. Randy, Jennifer and Steven definitely have their favorites so it should not be them. Don't get me wrong - I love all 3 of them. Jennifers new video is amazing. Love Pitbull too. He is in soooo many videos this year.

Happy Belated Birthday to Steven Tyler- Hey Steven we share the same birthday. Loved seeing Stevie Wonder sing Happy Birthday !!!

most redicous considering some of the other dump bells still there.
She had the most clear, beautiful voice of all the contestants.

I am shocked and disappointed that Pia was voted off the show. It is her turn to shine elsewere and she will. She is beautiful with a voice that is a gift from above. It is important to vote for your favorite. I feel that the judges were unprofessional when the results were revealed. They were "mad" and "angry".
The judges picked the talent. America picks the winner.

Pia Toscano was by far the best singer on American Idol this year. Every week she has been perfection ... Beautifully styled. Flawlessly outfitted. Vocally perfect. Why is the final vote tally for each contestant (certified by an accounting agency) not made public each week on American Idol??? How does anyone know that Pia came in last? People should demand American Idol become transparent with the vote. Pia Toscano is so gifted. I will buy her CDs and I am sure many feel like I do. The others on idol this year have some talent for sure but Pia stood out as an exceptional singer.

Good thing no one under 13 can participate in this or all we would be hearing about is how they, like, love, like all the, like, cute guys, and, like Pia needed to, like, be gone.

come to think of it, what kind of music is she going to give us? we already had celine dion and pia's not better than her. was there anything special about her music?! what we might get is an eye candy like jessica simpson with a generic sound. is she going to give us something unique?

Please go to PortlandsBest.Com and vote on the following poll:

Should American Idol give the shows viewers a "Wild Card" and allow the viewers one opportunity to vote and bring back one contestant to the show?

Answer 1: No, there's not a single contestants voted off the show so far who has what it takes to win the competition.

Answer 2: Yes, at least one person has what it takes to win the competition and should be allowed to return, provided they're given the viewers vote.

This has got to be such a disappointment to Randy,Steven and JLo..To find a set of pipes in a beauty like Pia only to be voted off this early..What a slap in the face..Hey why bother finding the most talented singer musician when they get voted off later by the American public for whatever stupid reason, sings too many ballads, doesn't move around enough, picks unpopular songs..Clearly Pia had the best pipes out of all the female performers I am with Randy on this,but I suppose this doesn't matter in a singing competition..Just goes to show American public couldn't recognize real talent if it swam up and bit them on the a$$..

In a way, I think it's more honorable to get a record deal (which i am positive she will) the way that Pia is that to get one just for being the winner. The winner HAS to get a record deal, whether they deserve to or not, but everyone else in the show who gets a record deal is mostly because of their talent! Regardless of the fact that they still got quite a bit of publicity.

Pia will have a wonderful career, she is a nice person and VERY talented with always a ready smile. Wish her all the best !

PortlandsBest.Com has the following poll:

Should American Idol give the show's viewer's a "Wild Card" and allow the viewers an opportunity to vote and bring back one contestant to the show?

Answer 1: No, there's not a single contestant voted off the show so far who has what it takes to win the competition.

Answer 2: Yes, at least one person has what it takes to win the competition and should be allowed to return, provided they're given the viewers vote.

I remain in shock.

What is wrong with the American Public ??

Pia is THE best contestant on American Idol.

Her voice gives me goose bumps.

Shame on America. You let the best thing that has happened to Idol walk

out the door.

Our loss. Look at what is left and think what you did to the show.

It's as unjust as when Adam Lambert did not win. He is fantastic ! and once

again was our winner.

Well, this is my last show for this season.

I am so DISAPPOINTED once again in America.

Pia was 1 of the most talented singers to grace the idol stage in quite some time. Personally i think her voice ranks up there with carrie underwood's. Its absolutely mind blowing that shes no longer competing in the competition. She'll probably have the most successful career out of any of this years conestants, and deservedly so. Your amazing Pia, can't wait to hear your first album!

This year started out good but then it seems like it fell apart. I don't know how some of these people have stayed in the competition!! I blame alot of it on the judges I really miss Simon and his honesty!!! The judging this year is weak!!!

OMG im sick of hearing that Pia should still be there. YES she can sing but is she an IDOL as in to be worshipped NO shes not likable so shes not IDOL matereal. And the judges reaction was a slap in the face to all the people that do vote. Lets be honest its a show where the judges are supposed to give constructive critisisum and they get nothing and then they use a save which should not be allowed ever as its the peoples choice. The reaction of the judges when Casey was voted off was wrong and when Pia was voted off was out of order all they told the other guests was that they want this or that person to go and if you buck their desision they are going to let you know. The two other contestants that were in the bottom two were distraught you could see Stephano was visably shaken badly shaken and what that said was if the judges could change the scroes they would keep a good singer but unlikable one in preference to the ones that the people YES JUDGES the people want.

I think this elimination does far more to damage Idol's brand as a "singing competition" (clearly its not) than to damage Pia. She will be the star of the tour. Just a shame she can't go on x-factor which she would easily win.

P.S., "Power-texting" and the fact that Idol allows and encourages it despite their own rules prohibiting the use of technology to provide an advantage will be the downfall of Idol.

Sign the petition to get Pia Toscano reinstated on American Idol! Make your voice heard!


I've been asking myself why I didn't vote for Pia. While there wasn't one single, glaring mistake or issue with her voice, there was absolutely something missing from her performances. She herself has stated that she's been singing a long time, which showed, but she's also had long enough to solidify some bad habits.

Her vocals were technically superior to most of the other contestants. I don't know enough about breath support or phrasing to say whether she was better, but I suspect so. Unfortunately, to me she was predictable. Hit the glory notes as expected, didn't add anything really unique, didn't project that spark of creative genius. I've said it before about Idol--Janis, Dylan, Mick--none of those singers had/have technically "beautiful" vocals, yet they remain artistic giants. There was a reason why she had been turned away from Idol several times.

Pia wasn't going to appeal to the tweenies who vote 500+ times. She wasn't the typical 13-year-old heart throb. But neither is Casey; I've read a lot of negative commentary about his looks by people who are obviously either 13 in age or emotionally. I doubt the kids are putting out the effort for him yet he wasn't in the bottom 3.

Pia will do well, as I do think she's going to learn from the people who have rallied around her. Also, if she learns to emote more through her music, she's going to have a brilliant career. I'm hoping the best for her.

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