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Will the 'real' Paris Hilton stand up in 'The World According to Paris'?

Paris Yes, you've seen Paris Hilton on "The Simple Life." You've watched her trying to choose "best friends" on other reality shows. And we've seen her in less-flattering situations -- being carted off to jail, lying about drug possession, making a spectacle of herself at parties. And then there are those news reports about her saying unflattering things about black men.

Paris would like you to wipe that from your mind. "The World According to Paris," the upcoming Oxygen series providing an all-access "voyueristic" look into the everyday life of the heiress, is "the real deal," according to Hilton.

"On 'The Simple Life," I played a character," Hilton said Friday during NBC/Universal's Summer Press Day. "This is not a competiton show. Now people will see my real world."

The series, which will premiere June 1, will feature Hilton as she moves through her professional and personal life. Her mother Kathy Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits figure prominently.

"This is the real Paris," said executive producer Arthur Smith. "People will be really, really surprised. Her fans will be blown away."

Judging from clips shown during the session, the show bears more than a little resemblance to "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" and other series featuring Kim Kardashian, who used to be a good friend of Hilton's.

Said Hilton, "This show is really personal," adding that there were some aspects she felt uncomfortable about showing but knew would make great television." She turns 30 on the show and shows different sides of herself. "I cook -- I'm a good cook."

Hilton was treated to overwhelmingly positive questions from reporters who praised her style and her personality.

Kathy Hilton said she also shows the impact she has on Paris' life.

"This was good therapy for me," she said with a smile.

-- Greg Braxton

Photo: Paris Hilton. Credit: Oxygen.

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Having seen a multitude of photos of Paris Hilton in compromising situations with black men if she has made derogatory remarks about them then its the voice of her experiences expressing a personal opinion. Whether readers agree with her criticisms or not the woman is entitled to respond with honesty by virtue of her intimate contact.

That dress is beautiful! Wow!


Here is the voice of my experiences expressing a personal opinion...

you suck.


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