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MTV UK's 'Geordie Shore': Like 'Jersey Shore,' with more posh juiceheads


In the midst of the Great American Royal Wedding Frenzy, it's hard to remember that not everything British is upscale and quaint -- which is why we're totally gobsmacked to hear about "Geordie Shore," the British version of "Jersey Shore."

Watching this trailer, it's amazing how similar the cast looks to our homegrown ladies and gorillas. There's the Diva Jay, the British version of the Situation who, according to his bio, is "rarely pictured with his top on, but who can blame him with a body as buff as his?"

There's James, the British version of Pauly D, who "would completely lose it if someone stole his hair straighteners."

And there's Sophie, who "has no problem dancing on tables or flashing her boobs." Which means she's exactly like ... wait. JWOWW? Snooki? Angelina? Deena? Even Vinnie isn't above flashing his boobs once in a while.

And dancing with your top off is so much classier when you do it with a British accent. Which makes us think: Wouldn't Kate Middleton look awesome with a good spray-tan? 

 -- Melissa Maerz

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Yeah... The Geordie accent is a world apart from the accent most Americans imagine when thinking of England... Hope it comes with subtitles, haha.

being a geordie myself i find it shameful to even classify these people as geordies, they sound like maccams or villagers. The accent you get in newcastle is far more broad than that, and i dont remember the last time i saw anyone this douchy in newcastle, tbh.


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