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'Happy Endings' gets a double dose of Damon Wayans

April 27, 2011 | 12:08 pm

Wayans On this week’s “Happy Endings,” it’s a family affair with a double dose of Wayans.

Damon Wayans Jr., who plays Brad (Jane’s other half), already resembles his dad; now he’s about to share the screen with him. In Wednesday's episode, his real-life father, Damon Wayans Sr. ("In Living Color," "My Wife and Kids"), guest stars, naturally, as his father.

ShowTracker caught up with the younger Damon to talk about the mini-family reunion.

You come from a pretty funny family. You must feel a little pressure, right, to make people laugh, especially when appearing on a comedy?

Nah. I think, like with any family, it’s just learned behavior. Everybody does it. It’s more about who wants to get paid to do it. I don’t know anyone in my family who wasn’t funny who hasn’t been excommunicated.

You survived! How did this idea for your father appearing on the show come about?

We were just talking about different ideas. At first, we were thinking of bringing him on as kind of a joke. What if my dad came on the show as one of the other character’s dad? Like, Max’s (Adam Pally) dad. He could be his adoptive father. Or if he came on as my uncle and we discover that he’s really my dad. But we went with the traditional. That'll throw people for a loop! 

Tell me more.

My dad's character will be getting some medical tests done. We have one of those father-son relationships where emotion isn’t touched upon. I never said ‘I love you' to my father and vice versa. That’ll be the core of the show. 

That sounds a little deep.

It’ll be super funny. What would you have said if I told you ‘it’s not funny at all. We’re trying to be serious?’ I should have said that, damn!

Were you guys competitive when it came to cracking jokes on set?

Of course! That’s just what we do.


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-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Adam Pally (Max), left, and Damon Wayans Jr. (Brad) in "Happy Endings." Credit: ABC