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Katie Couric leaving 'CBS Evening News'

Katie Not long ago, we told you that the Katie Couric era at "CBS Evening News" was drawing to a close; now Couric is leaving her post, less than five years after becoming the first woman to anchor a network evening newscast on her own, the AP reported on Sunday. No departure date has been set.

Couric has not officially announced what her next move will be, but her contract expires in early June, and she is expected to launch a syndicated talk show in 2012. Meanwhile, she has been in talks with NBC, ABC and CBS, as well as Jeff Zucker, the ex-chief executive of NBCUniversal, who produced NBC's "Today" when Couric co-anchored the show.

For years, there had been speculation that Couric was not as happy anchoring the evening news as she was co-anchoring "Today." Ratings for all network newscasts have declined sharply over the last decade while the morning shows have remained profitable. "CBS Evening News" is currently in third place in the ratings, behind leader Brian Williams at NBC's "Nightly News" and Diane Sawyer at ABC's "World News."

On Monday, a CBS News representative said, "We're having ongoing discussions with Katie Couric. We have no announcements to make at this time. Until we do, we will continue to decline comment on rumor and speculation."

Couric's rep Matthew Hiltzik declined to comment.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Katie Couric. Credit: Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

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people want to hear a male tell the news Walter Conkrite

She was better off on the morning show.

Who cares?

Now I can start watching the cbs evening news once again.

Except for a blip after her premiere, third place all the way for nearly five years. If she'd been a sitcom, she would have been cancelled after the first week.

CBS can't understand that people who do lunch well aren't the people who do news well.

leaving with big bucks for herself - but yet in her wake are ratings numbers that will likely be irreparible damaged for that telecast - at least gloria steinam can be proud. never watched one edition of that.

Currently in 3rd place? It has been in 3rd place almost the entire time she has been there. She was a mistake, a $14million/year mistake. The question I would like answered: Did CBS have any intention of renewing her contract? Or is this just a way for her to save face?

Maybe the genius who hired her would have known that nobody is going to respect some morning fluffer over a serious news journalist. This is why you don't see anchors hosting morning shows, not if they are concerned about their craft.

I don't blame Couric, if some idiot would offer me $15 million a year to read a teleprompter for 22 minutes a night, you can bet your sweet arse I would sign that contract real quick.

Put Scott Pelley in the chair and forgot about it for the next 10 years. He is the one who should have been hired in the first place. These TV executives have more money than sense. A monkey could have made this hire.

I always liked Couric as an anchor and as a person. Too bad she has had to work for the US corporate/military/banking/information complex that has seemingly taken over the world--our world. I hope Katie gives her former employers the big, fat middle finger, once she is free of their control.

She won't be missed!

Upon her resignation, Katie should now work for the Obama Administration in a direct role, as opposed to her indirect role for the Administration doing reporting for CBS news.

"Katie Couric leaving 'CBS Evening News"

The headline kinda makes it sound like she's leaving, when in fact they giving her the boot before the end of her contract due to poor ratings.

She isn't the first woman to anchor on her own. Elizabeth Vargas was on ABC News for months after her partner was wounded in Iraq. Maybe people would prefer to forget her, but she was there.

Couric is a relic of the dinosaur media masquerading as "unbiased."

Her presentation style lacked gravitas and her inane banter set back women in media by several decades.

She was no Cronkite of course but she wasnt even a match for the befuddled Dan Rather.

She should have stayed a weathergal or a cheerleader and left the news to actual journalists

look, the woman wasn't qualified to do the job, she proved it, and so did the viewers who left in droves...if CBS wants a woman anchor, why don't they hire someone like Greta van Sustern or Megyn Kelly, or Kimberly Guilfoyle(spelling?).... oh!, I forgot, they work for FOX....

remember "The Peter Principle?'...Katie Couric rose to her "level of incompetence"...now she's sinking back down where she belongs, on a talk show...

Couric's hiring for CBS' evening news broadcast was a case of network execs misreading the tea leaves. The execs misjudged theirs and Couric's abilities to transition her morning personna into what many people expected from an evening news anchor. When Couric presented a more somber attitude to the viewing public, many simply would not accept her as a "serious" news person. Following on Dan Rather's disastrous ending to his CBS career did not help, as conservative viewers left CBS for "Foxier" pastures.

Was it fair that Couric was received this way? No, but that's life. Being a "groundbreaker" doesn't always translate into success. Her ratings are down; CBS trails both NBC and ABC. In the world of network news, ratings mean everything.

"Until we do, we will continue to decline comment on rumor and speculation."

So, does that mean they will comment on rumor and speculation AFTER they make announcement? Won't that be a bit late?

I don't think that chopped short flat hair do did her any justice. Brian Williams is nice, but his voice is a bit annoying. I am tired of Diane Sawyer.
Katie should not give up. Whatever they do don't bring in someone with a British accent...C'mon we live in the US...that A. on the Sunday political show just makes me crazy...it sounds like she is talking with marbles in her mouth.

What is the matter....No US ENGLISH speaking residents born and raised in America qualify for this position....COME on NOW!!! Send her back to London or wherever, ya know what I'm saying.

What is wrong with the US people??? Were being invaded by too many foreigners.

This is so sad I just love to hear her talk & to see those big Green/Hazel EYES??

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