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After getting skewered by Oprah, James Frey will return to her show in May

Frey Yes, Oprah Winfrey famously went on the attack against James Frey when he admitted that he fabricated certain details of his bestselling memoir, "A Million Little Pieces," but Frey is ready to make nice: He will appear on one of Winfrey's final shows in May for a full hour to discuss his novel "The Final Testament of the Holy Bible," Winfrey's spokeswoman confirmed on Thursday.

Winfrey reportedly apologized to Frey after she repeatedly lambasted him for being dishonest, triggering such a public backlash against him that he fled to France soon afterward. But he seems to be staging a comeback: Reviews for his new novel, which focuses on an alternative version of Jesus, a former alcoholic who gets a prostitute pregnant, have been drumming up excitement, with Slate even calling it a "masterpiece." Considering that Winfrey's a big fan of a slightly more cleaned-up version of Jesus, they'll certainly have a lot to talk about.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: James Frey and Oprah Winfrey. Credit: George Burns / Associated Press

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Oprah is an egomaniac. She took this author who wrote a memoir, NOT a autobiography, raised him up and exploited him for her own amusement. She, the book club and a America loved the book. When it was exposed he made up portions of the book and it was exposed that she made a mistake instead of defending him for simply fudging some details which is his right as an author, she had to publicly destroy and punish him. She is a real bitch.

It is a memoir, not a testimony before a court. He is a writer, not a politician. He did not deserve the treatment he got and if anything he deserved a some protection from the media backlash. Noooooo, not with beloved Oprah. She had the opportunity to cover her own ass and throw someone to the wolves while doing so - good television.

That instance and the time she berated a store manager for not opening the doors when it was close because she was the almighty Oprah were two big turnoffs from me. I have not watched an episode since. The store was closed - it should not open for rich, poor, black, white, etc. IT IS CLOSED. Don't you understand, bitch? It is not a race issue it is a staffing issue. How dare you pull your high and mighty crap on a poor guy just doing his job. I bet if they let her in and she fell on a wet floor that would have dried by the time the store officially opened, she would have sued.

May she rot in hell.

An alternative view of Jesus? Blasphemy! Boycott Oprah and her false religion.

I absolutely knew all along that she was leading up to an apology to Frey, after having apology sessions with Iyanla, Roseanne and Whoppie. I was absolutely stunned that she put Iyanla down for having the nerve to accept Barbara Walter's offer of her own show. What gall!! Iyanla should give up a chance to do what she does because Oprah may mind??!!! The reading public sided with Frey - a great writer, and innovative voice.

She went too far calling him out like she is his confessor or god. She ignored the nuances of publishing with its blubs and writer tours and PR. And this was truly noticable: she didn't say nary a word to the fake Holocaust memoirists. I think there were two -- that she promoted that turned out to be false.

*** yawn ***

I was so disgusted with Oprah's treatment of James Frey during that episode that I vowed NEVER to watch her again...and I never did. James should have told her where to shove it when she invited him back. Shame on you Oprah.
P.S. You're not God

Um Steve Smith, a memoir IS by its definition an autobiography. It's supposed to be what happened to you, in your life, as you recall it. I don't know if you actually read "A Million Little Pieces", but it's a harrowing tale of getting his tooth pulled with no anesthetic, meeting several colorful characters in rehab including a high-level gangster who takes him under his wing, and rushing into a crack house to rescue his girlfriend who had escaped from rehab. NONE of that actually happened, and he sold it as a memoir because no one would buy it as a novel. That's not "fudging", it's outright deception for financial gain. It's wasn't just Oprah he got in trouble with, the publisher had to print future editions with a disclaimer and refund people's money if they asked for it. He messed up, period

We can continue to berate Oparah, however, the real blame rests on the American public who accept whatever Oparah says as the "Gospel" truth. She is no more than an entertainer with her own agenda and nothing more.

Is Oprah aware of the novel "The Last Temptation of Christ" written by Nikos Kazantzakis? Hopefully one of her minions will fill her in before the interview.

The man's an extremely good writer; I know that.

@Lucy - Yes I read it and it did not matter to me either way if is true or not, it was one of the best reads I have had in recent memory. It is a book about a nobody. It is not as if he was collecting money for charity - he sold a book, people read it, people enjoyed it. Done deal.

Oprah lost. Frey lost. Book lovers won.

BTW, you mean you actually believed it? Excuse me while I laugh in your face.

Frey is a sham and a hack. He might be a "popular" writer but he is not a good writer. I find his characters boring and contrived and his writing repetitive and unoriginal. So unoriginal that he steals stories from real writers like Eddie Little.
I will give him his due as a con artist though. He has no qualms about lying to sell his product. And from what other writers have written, he has no problem taking advantage of people who come to him for help.
I hope Frey fails because his success is a stain on our society.


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