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Is NBC News trying to fire Donald Trump's presidential bid?

Donald Donald Trump says "you're fired" every week to a contestant on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice." But the news division working for Trump's bosses at NBC appear to be drawing up termination papers for Trump's bid to run for president.

NBC Nightly News on Thursday unleashed a scathing attack on Trump, positioning him as a blowhard making false and contradictory statements as he escalates his hopes for candidacy. The report by senior investigative correspondent Lisa Myers focused on Trump's controversial statements claiming President Obama wasn't born in the U.S.

Though it was unusual for a network to take a shot at one of its most high-profile personalities, the report may also have been a response to criticism surrounding "Today Show" anchor Meredith Vieira's interview earlier that day of Trump. Some media critics blasted Vieira for not aggressively challenging Trump, who talked over her when she tried to press him.

With Trump placing second in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll of potential Republican presidential candidates, the report said that Trump needed to be taken seriously, and that his recent pronouncements ranged from "the broad to the exaggerated to just plain wrong."

After playing clips of Trump saying there was no official documentation about Obama's birth, Myers showed a certificate of live birth, complete with a serial number, and a birth announcement from a newspaper in Hawaii. Myers said when she confronted Trump with the documentation, he stood by his statements.

-- Greg Braxton

Photo: Donald Trump. Credit: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

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NBC is right, he is "a blowhard making false and contradictory statements."

Trump should be removed from NBC programing. He is no longer believable. His rants agains President Obama are ridiculous!!!! He is only doing this to promote his show. FIRE HIM NOW. I will think seriously about viewing NBC shows while he is still a part of their newwork.

The today show treated his interview as if they were reporting on UFOs, with mockery and giggling. It's obvious Trump isn't "one of the boys" and isn't playing their games. They will do everything they can to keep business as usual, promoting the usual Democrat or Republican who fits their narrow niche. And the American public will follow along like the sheep that we are. We are doomed.

trump is a fine business man and a very strong character. Question is can he handle foreign policy issues ? He may be very good for the home economy but for that matter so would Romney. These 2 guys are top drawer and I would consider voting for either of them. We can't get any less experience than Obama and he is in the wrong party. Obama only won the presidency because every black in the counrty voted for hom because he is black ! Obama is a Muslim and that was enough reason alone not to vote for him. Hopefully we get a good president next time with either Mitt or Donald .

Why are you writing a story about a story, rather than covering Trump's statements directly?

This is exactly what's wrong with the media today. You'd rather write about each other in some narcissistic navel-gazing fest than ACTUALLY COVER EVENTS AND NEWS.

Trump is a lying, self-interested hypocrite. To be more clear, Trump is and always has been a morally, financially and ethically bankrupt douchebag.

No wonder the Republicans love him. He perfectly epitomizes their ilk.

I'm am glad I'm not the only person who would characterize Mr. Trump as a "blowhard"! If he is in any way seriously thinking of being President, that in itself is a reason to question his judgement! Now it looks like he wants to run a presidential campaign based on old, unsubstantiated "birther" claims! Give us a break Trump and go back to making Trump Towers. "YOU'RE FIRED FROM PUBLIC LIFE!"

I have officially deleted Donald Chump's apprentice from my DVR! The Chump is a blatant liar and has no place in the public eye. He is a disgrace, who claims to love this country. This Chump will surely destroy America if people take him seriously! Awful menace to society! Donald "You're Fired"!!

The Donald reminds me of the crazy lady at McCain's presidential rally, who accused Obama of being an Arab. And they have the same hair.

If you do not believe Trump, than why be upset?? It is up to the American people to decide what they believe or do not believe. Trump has not declared himself a presidential candidate. Love or hate him, he has the right to speak and question the process.

Network news is no longer a place to get straight news, it now a place the left has doing it's bidding.

By law he can't have a TV show and run for President... so he hasn't declared. But it sure looks like he's running. For this reason alone NBC should cancel his show.

@ William, Im so sure NBC will Fire one of their top shows because you are going to stop watching. Just because someone says something false against Obama doesnt mean they need to lose their job. It would be different if Trumps position at NBC required him to stay unbiased or something. But lets be real, the guy does a reality show where washed up celebs come on to get some air time.

If a Certificate of Live Birth is not sufficient to get a drivers license or a passport, how is it sufficient to be President?

I guess my comment supporting Trump's right to free speech was censored.

The only valid censorship is a person's right to listen or not.

The documents Myers presented have nothing to do with Trumps arguments. He stated that no Birth Certificate has been found or presented and that Obama's grandmother states that he was born in another country. Trump has stated that a certificate of live birth is easy to obtain and is NOT a birth certificate. Nor does it certify that Obama was in fact born here. Not taking sides just pointing out the difference between the inference of the article and what Trump has actually stated thus far.

A boycott should be organized of Trump's NBC show and his other business interests. He's behaving like a low life -- out of a craven need for attention. Organizations like Politifact and Factcheck.org, and now even NBC news, have debunked these conspiracy theories about Obama's birth certificate over and over again. If NBC news is to have any credibility, it has no choice but to go hard after these false and divisive theories even if promulgated by their own blowhard Trump.

I agree. This isn’t about defending President Obama but about journalistic integrity and not letting a runaway train go unattended on their watch. If Trump was criticizing Obama’s policies, that would be fair game, but his attacks are personal and most in the media do nothing but fawn over him and let him say any and everything he wants.

Trump is nothing but a glorified reality show star who has had 3 wives, multiple bankruptcies and who changes his party affiliation like most people change clothes. I have been so disappointed in how many in the media have been shamelessly pandering to Trump and allowing his questionable comments to go unchallenged instead of presenting him with facts and asking him legitimate follow up questions to his baseless theories.

Anyone who thinks Obama's "short form" issued by HI to those born out of the state is "documentation" of where he is born is severely ignorant or just plain stupid. His Indonesian born sister along with thousands of otehrs born outside of the US have THE IDENTICAL SHORT FORM! His grandmother, sister and brotehr have all gone on record to say he was born in Kenya. His grandmother notified the newspaers at teh time in order to claim him on their Welfare Benefits to Minors. This gave the family a welfare pay increase" of $393 per month. The "address" his grandmother listed on the notification to the papers is listed to a 4th generation HI Family WHO HAVE NEVER KNEW NOR RENTED TO ANY RELATIVES RELATED TO OBAMA. A rat hides out of fear...why has Obama now paid over 2 Million Dollars to keep his records sealed?

Trump really need to sit his self down, if Oprah runs for president, I guarnetee she will win over Donald Trump, so dont think he is that because he's not. NBC fired his butt now, because soon of later, he will bring your television rating very LOW...

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