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Is Glenn Beck looking to host his own version of 'The Daily Show'?

Beck Last week, while on his comedy tour, Glenn Beck had a message for America: "I'm going to make sure that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart don't occupy the space of comedy alone."

Could this mean that Beck, who's leaving Fox News this year, might be looking to bring his own comedy news show to television, a conservative answer to Stewart's "Daily Show"? Or does he just want to keep making political jokes on the stand-up circuit? On a Saturday night tour stop in Albany, N.Y., Beck told the crowd that he's sold his Connecticut mansion and plans to leave New York. "As we build a new media, I'm not building it in New York," he said.

If he's heading for Hollywood, he might consider hiring a team of joke writers. Riffing on the birther movement, he told the audience, "I don't know where [Obama is from]. I don't think he's from where they issue birth certificates — I think he's from Hell." Somewhere, we'll bet Donald Trump was laughing.


Glenn Beck ending Fox News show later this year

Stars tweet about Glenn Beck's exit from his Fox News show

— Melissa Maerz

Photo: Glenn Beck. Credit: Chris Keane / Reuters.

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If the media stopped talking about this non-entity, he would go away. Why do you insist on insulting your readers by constantly putting this guy on page one?

Are you kidding?

Glenn Beck already has the most-watched comedy show on television.

Its kind of hard to find any humor when your party is trying to take medicare away from old people and give them vouchers for health insurance, and saying to an 80 year old with serious health issues to go out and shop for insurance. Oh wait that really is funny, maybe you could film old blind people who are trying to find an insurance office in the snow.

He's not funny.

Beck is funny in his lunacy, which real or not, he tries to sell as real. Thats a very different thing than satire, which is difficult. Glenn Beck will NEVER have a well-watched comedy show.

Ugh. Please do not feed this troll any longer...

Isn't this what he was already doing?

Glenn Beck is not only "NOT FUNNY", he is "NOT SMART", "NOT ENTERTAINING", and completely "NOT INTERESTING". Anyone considering funding anything that involves this moron is even more moronic than Glenn.

Why does anyone keep giving Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, and the like any press? I feel brain cells being sucked away just from the time it took to comment on this . . .

LA TImes, please stop giving these idiots exposure.

"I don't know where [Obama is from]. I don't think he's from where they issue birth certificates — I think he's from Hell."

Boy, with comedy like that, how can he lose?

Go find a hole, Beck.

Glenn Beck is already a big joke...anyone who takes his viewpoints seriously is high on the same pills he uses! I hope the media is as ruthless to him as he is to Obama. I'm bored with his temper tantrums and slanderous talk about our country - if he had any courage, he would've lambasted the Republicans who began this economic doomsday rhetoric.

Open your eyes and ears people, Glenn has it right. Our government is spending us to death,

Glenn Beck is not the republican party.

I'm slightly left of independent, but I have to defend the GOP in pointing out that Glenn Beck is in no way a credible exemplification of Republican ideals.

This guy is absolutely bonkers and anyone who takes anything he says seriously is part of the reason Republicans have such a bad rep.

In the grand scheme, I estimate that:
30% of Americans are responsible, intelligent Democrats
30% of Americans are responsible, intelligent Republicans
30% of Americans are responsible, intelligent people who hate politics

and the remaining 10% are uneducated, unrealistic, fear mongering bigots who are just like, or enjoy watching Glenn Beck.

I don't agree with a lot of things "specific people" who "categorize" themselves as Republican do or say... same for Dems.

But I'll be damned if this crazy prick thinks he's going be the next Stewart or Colbert. Those men have successfully become the voice of the liberal/independent youth BECAUSE they try not to take it too seriously.

With his own "comedy" show, Glenn would become the voice of crazy and stupid. Does anyone really want to hear crazy and stupid?

(p.s. Tea Party... you make clean Republicans smell like sh*t.)

Conservatives don't do comedy. Exhibit A: Fox's "The Half-Hour News Hour". Woefully dreadful on all counts, and wisely canceled by Fox before any more harm could be done.

If a guy with the wit of Dennis Miller can't manage to be right-wing and (intentionally) funny at the same time, Beck has no chance.

Just the idea of Beck trying to take on Stewart is funny, but that's about it as far as Beck's "humor" goes. That's almost as funny as the people who claim Beck backs up what he says - he does fine if you only look at his sources, but when you check the data provided by credible sources, his whole paranoid world comes crumbling down.

Well, he claimed he was a (failed) comedian, right?

The only funny conservative I can think of off-hand is Larry the Cable Guy and he's funny in a silly way, not the same style of humor as Jon Stewart.

What the Hey? Glenn Beck who cares? Conservative? Crazy? Greedy? Crazy and Greedy?? whiteagle38

The Daily Show is funny and I can't imagine a boring conservative like Beck funny, so how can it be like The Daily Show?

Actually Glenn Beck is thinking of starting a musical career
Glenn Beck Beatles Revolution Parody

Not sure the Beatles would dig it though.

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