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Charlie Sheen tells Chicago crowd he'd like to return to work on 'Two and a Half Men'

Charlieinchicago Charlie Sheen wants to let the world know: He'll come back to work on "Two and a Half Men."

If, and only if, his former bosses ask nicely.

The fired sitcom star performed the second stop in his live tour in Chicago on Sunday night, where he found a better reception than the disastrous premiere in Detroit the previous night.

"If they say, 'Here's your job back, I'll go back to work,' " Sheen told his Chicago fans from the stage.

"I think it's a great ... show," he added. But "they didn't give a ... that I was hammered for eight years: money, ratings, money, ratings."

Given Sheen's well-publicized problems with hard partying, it might not have been a good idea to speak of being hammered for eight years. And his aside ignored the fact that he'd spent the last few weeks ridiculing both the show and his bosses. Sheen has about as much chance of being rehired, nicely or not, as his former costar Jon Cryer does of winning the Mr. Universe bodybuilding championship.

But at least Sheen has figured out a way to stop the booing.

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-- Scott Collins (twitter.com/scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Charlie Sheen arrives at a Chicago nightclub on Sunday. Credit: Scott Strazzante / MCT





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Because what originally goes down can only go up and up as long as the bedbugs patting Charlie’s back get to hear the roar of a crowd waiting to be collectively brought to redemption.


I WANT CHARLIE back on the SHOW. It is the best show on TV. I haven't laughed since the show stopped airing. Charlie is a Howl, but I do hope he takes care of himself.

Chuck Lorre is rich because of Charlie and vice versa. Grow up Chuck and bring back our Monday Night Cheer.

I think Charlie possesses the same good qualities as his dad Martin.
I wish Charlie the best and pray that he finds happiness.

Bring back Charlie and put Two and a Half Men back on the air.

It was not the Charlie Sheen Show!.The reason the show was so good was becouse of the cast.I wish people would say thay!!!!

I was glad to see Charlie Sheen achieve success in his second show. Had he read my book, "SOS Safely Obtaining Sobriety," he likely would have prepared better for his Detroit show, although I do believe Charlie is on the right track. My book has a modern approach. Recovery can be achieved on your own terms without the shame of AA or the nonsense and expense of a canned rehabilitation clinic. However, I do not recommend smoking like a chimney while one's brain chemistry is still adjusting. Anyone can benefit from my book, particularly Charlie Sheen. Find it online: "SOS Safely Obtaining Sobriety" by George Legacy. Best of health and good luck!

Charlie Sheen going on tour not doing as well now realizes he blew his high paying job on Two and a Half Men near his home and needs to realize he caused the rest of the cast and crew to loose their jobs as well.

As much as Charlie was not a one man show, it's evidently everywhere that he is the money spinner....Just bring the idiot back and make money and let him make money also...

Warner Bros. and CBS please bring back Charlie Sheen on Two And A Half Men.


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