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Bi-winning Charlie Sheen hosts fund-raiser for bipolar disorder

Sheening Speaking out about bipolar disorder seems to be all the rage with Hollywood this week. Catherine Zeta-Jones announced that she's being treated for it, and Charlie Sheen is raising money on behalf of the disease.

He tweeted early Friday: "Bipolar Awareness Walk!! Come join me at 6pm and walk with me from The Ritz Carlton to Massey Hall..! Show your support..!! #BIWINNING ybw"

Though there's been wide speculation that Sheen himself suffers from the disorder, he's not admitting that, at least in his Twitter feed. He told ABC News' Andrea Channing in a now-infamous interview in March that he was "bi-winning" when she questioned him about the possibility -- and is now using the word in his tweets.

Sheen, on the road on the "Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option" tour, is set for his second Toronto show Friday night after finishing performances in Boston and other cities. The live stage shows kicked off early this month, and reviews have been both eviscerating, with his first Detroit show prompting audience walk-outs and critical drubbings, and glowing, with standing ovations at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

According to Sheen's tweets, he's hosting a charity walk for the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders, offering to match donations dollar for dollar: "Taking donations tonight for O.B.A.D. THE ORGANIZATION FOR BIPOLAR AFFECTIVE DISORDERS through CanadaHelps.org I'm matching all Donations!!"


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-- T.L. Stanley

Photo: Charlie Sheen attends the official after-party for his "Torpedo of Truth" tour Thursday in Toronto. Credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images.

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What all this shows, is he, Charlie Sheen, is still in the 'Manic Phase', but may be now 'Transitioning' to the 'Depressive Phase'. I have seen him on a couple of occasions on 2 & 1/2 men, although 'Acting', give the impression of being from time to time of being in a 'Depressive Phase', & always wondered at how it seemed to have fit-in with that particular episode.

He needs to sooner rather than later, just accept his 'Problem' & get the appropriate 'Treatment' eventually 'Tailored' for himself. Once he should commence following a 'Treatment Regime', most of what appears to be his various 'Addictions', will suddenly start to not be noticed by his 'Behavior', & come-off the sensational 'Tabloid' 'We're gonna get-you' Headlines.

Any Psychiatrist or knowledgable sufferer of BP disorder can see he’s in an extreme hypomanic / manic phase right now. At the levels of elation and agitation I’ve seen, and considering how long it’s been, I’d have bet he’d have crashed by now. I would imagine he’s taking an extremely dangerous amount of alcohol and or sedatives to get any kind of sleep at the phase he’s in, which adds a whole other level of danger for him beyond the bad and reckless judgement the disorder can cause when he’s awake.

If he doesn’t OD or Commit suicide, he’s going to crash, and crash hard, probably soon. I hope between his on-going juvenile train wreck and the mature and intelligent decision by Catherine Zeta-Jones to get help, that the media will shed some light on this disorder, a disorder than can be beyond terrible untreated, or a relatively minor thing in a person’s life if treated well.


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