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Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. in a war over alleged 'discussions' for star's comeback

Sheenprojected This is the level to which the Charlie Sheen case has sunk: The former sitcom star and his ex-bosses are slinging mud over whether they have even talked about him coming back to work.

Sheen has been telling reporters that he has had "discussions" about returning to his role as irrepressible bachelor Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men," the CBS sitcom smash from which he was fired after months of erratic behavior and drug-abuse treatment.

Nonsense, says Warner Bros., the studio that makes the show. "There have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement with the series," John W. Spiegel, a lawyer representing the studio, wrote in a letter sent to Sheen attorney Marty Singer on Thursday. 

But Singer told the website TMZ: "There have been discussions as late as Tuesday."

"Marty Singer's comments speak the truth," Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, wrote Show Tracker in an email. 

At this point, it's impossible to say for sure whether there's something here or this isn't just more dust kicked up by Mr. Sheen and his enterprising handlers. What is clear is that CBS has to reveal its fall schedule in a month, by which time some decision on the future of TV's No. 1 comedy will have to be made. And announced.


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— Scott Collins (twitter.com/scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Charlie Sheen in performance last week in New York. Credit: Charles Sykes/Associated Press.


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If they bring him back, Hollywood has no shame.

lol What part of N O D I S C U S S I O N S do you not understand?
Charlie and his peoples are begging -
Talk to the hand Sheenius. Bwahaha.

I imagine that there HAVE been discussions, it's just that Warners and CBS aren't involved, the conversations are between Sheen and Singer and they are indeed about him returning to the show.

I'm in talks to run for President. The talks are with my friend Eric. Does that count?

It's not about shame. It's not about blame. It's about the game. The game is making money. If this isn't clear, you don't understand television. And all the interest in Sheen and his show will lead to astronomical profits. Everyone will win by the only standard that matters in TV. The GREEN standard.

Leave Sheen off. Call it One and a Half Men and go forward.

They need him to make the show work. And shame on all those concerned for not realizing Charlie Sheen's contribution to the show. It was only green-lit, in the first place, because Sheen's name was attached to the pilot episode. Without him, there wouldn't have been a show. And let's not forget, the show is still the highest rated comedy today, thanks in part to Charlie Sheen. Sure, the other characters deliver the punchlines, but they are reacting to Charlie's character. Take Charlie's character away, and it would be like taking away Raymond Baron from Everybody Loves Raymond.

"in a war" "slinging mud" = hyperbole

"I'm in talks to run for President. The talks are with my friend Eric. Does that count?"

Hello I'm Eric's lawyer. My firm of Imaginary Law Firm LLC expressly denies presidential talks between Joe B and our client Mr. Eric ever occurring, or that there will be any discussions in the future. We also find Joe B.'s lawsuit for a case of PBR and the use of couch surfing privileges completely false and egregious. We expressly ask Joe B. to refrain from all references of presidency in a public forum in Los Angeles including and not limited to his living room, his kitchen and his bathroom. Thank you. - Imaginary Lawyer Esq Sr. Etc, from the firm of Imaginary Law Firm LLC (a Subsidiary of Happy Fun Ball)

I did think it was strange that the stills in the CBS promos for the new episode feature Charlie--front and center. I understand they are riding off the current publicity--but as one poster suggested--that would tend to indicate they would probably like to get Charlie back for a "final season."

99% of the humor comes from picking on the brother and the kid. Replace Charlie with Mom's brother moving in, maybe played by Nick Notle, to continue the razing.

99% of the humor on the show comes from picking on the brother and the kid. Lose Charlie and bring in moms brother, maybe played by Nick Nolte, to continue the harassment.

Or maybe Alan can finally move out and it will just be him and his half wit son against the world.

Who wants him back? Nobody I know.......

CBS would love to get him back but there is a guy with a bruised ego who is saying no way. Guess who that is Charley.

Charlie Sheen in obviously in need of some type of intervension, he is not handling mid life crisis' well. The guy has made Warner Bro. mega bucks, Chuck Lorre is obviouly one cold fish. Guess you have to be... to be a shark at the top. I love the show and have been a fan for many years. I think the rest of the cast has a lot of respect for Charlie. They are showing this by not choosing sides and slinging mud like we've seen in other break ups. kudos to them. I for one agree with Sheen on the point of what they make him wear. I mean really even Jake got to grow up. Sheen looks like an overgrown kid in those shirts! To me it looks like Warner Bro's uses its stars until they can't make another dime off them, then throw them out with the dirty laundry. That's Hollywood, they make you then they break you. The way they and the rag mags treat these people is disgusting. Airing them like dirty laundry is really as low as you can get. I'm talking about Liz Taylors last days. Did we really need to see those pictures? People should be allowed some peace in their dying days. Movie stars or not they deserve some repect. After all they entertained us for years. We are one morbid society.

Sheen wants his job back. So he's planting rumors that the studio is in talks with him to return. It's not an original tactic at all. By simply forcing the studio to respond to the rumor, Sheen gets the idea out that his return to the show is possible, which energizes his supporters and helps sell his tour tickets.

He really needs to go away permanently. Let him find a new way to maintain his goddesses....like maybe pimping ? I just lately discovered as I watched some of his old movies that he cannot act. He only plays himself, in one natural form or another. As much as I enjoyed his old sitcom, I will not watch it again if he comes back. He leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Good bye Charlie....just go away.

This story is as much fun to watch as the show was.

Warner Vs Sheen

Simple solution: Replace Sheen. He IS replaceable. We're talking about Charlie Sheen, not Robert DeNiro.

If they think they can have the show without charlie they are more delusional then him! I realize he has said some retarded things but if they really want to keep the show going they better get some balls!

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