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'Celebrity Apprentice' recap: Gary Busey tries to go big, but – finally — goes home

NUP_143140_0069 On "Celebrity Apprentice" Sunday night, it was clear the men wanted just one thing from Donald Trump: deliverance from Gary Busey.

It makes sense why: The noted actor — and, for some reason, a Trump favorite — was treated like the scourge of his team. He was distracting, he could be offensive, his head seemed to be operating in a different dimension than the rest of his teammates. And by last week, the team that had been handily trouncing the women at the onset of the season was weak and diminished. 

This was Busey's time to go big or go home. Guess which way he went?


Gary Busey video: My team has a conspiracy against me

For the challenge this week, the two teams were tasked with preparing a cooking show for Omaha Steaks and creating a variety package from the Omaha Steaks catalog. This was a creative mission, centered around their ability to market a brand. The women were led by Hope Dworaczyk, who finally had her chance to serve as project manager.

The men put Busey in charge. After all the talk from the boardroom that Busey was perhaps some kind of manipulative genius (rather than a nonsensical space cadet), this was his chance to prove it. It should also be noted that his teammates would not go out of their way to help him out, either. 

It was bizarre, but it could have been worse. Busey made Meat Loaf the chef, without any consideration that Loaf said he couldn't cook. In fact, Busey never even asked if he could. (Yet if Loaf hadn't stepped up as usual, it would have been a total nightmare.) Then the project manager went on a confounding tangent about a kite and something to do with Father's Day.  Somewhere along the line, he called John Rich "boy" — off-camera — which the country-music star didn't care for all that much.

Also, some of the old fractures started showing themselves again on the women's team. La Toya Jackson returned to her paranoia that her team was plotting against her and wanted her to fail when they decided that she should make a hamburger instead of a steak. NeNe Leakes was getting frustrating, which apparently starts to bubble over next week. And Star Jones returns to her power-grabbing and printed-material making ways; she took over the first creative meeting and, as usual, handled making the fliers and the graphics for the display — her favorite task all season. 

Dworaczyk, however, managed to do a steady job. She brought the women together and put on a solid show. It hewed to the trend of the women all season: They're not going to blow you away with anything risky, but they are prudent and, at least for the past few episodes, stayed clear of the sniping that kept them from winning early on.

The same can't be said for the men, though. And it appears Gary Busey is the reason why. His antics and his acronyms were harmless and sometimes humorous earlier in the season. A bigger team could afford a little deadwood. But it's getting closer to the wire. With the team down to four, it's evident Busey should have been booted a while ago. 

Last night, he made a lot of talk of his cat-like prowess — including a portrayal of a hissing cat — and how he's mysterious and he's the ultimate player who's going to sneak past everyone and win. 

Indeed, everyone from Trump to his teammates said that Busey is either a manipulative genius or a moron. Busey himself said that he can sometimes make people wonder if there's a village out there missing its idiot. 

The men lost, and Busey's been sent home. Genius or fool? That's for you to decide.

The men's team was happy, to be sure. Busey noted in a roundabout way that he was happy himself, saying something about how from a horrible storm he could make a rainbow and now he was flying over that rainbow. And we shouldn't be all that worried about a lack of drama in his wake: If the promos and the gossip are true, the showdown between Star Jones and NeNe Leakes is heating up right in the nick of time.

What do you think? Should Gary have been sent home — or, better yet, should he have been sent home earlier? And do you think of the drama potentially brewing on the women's team?

— Rick Rojas

Photo: Gary Busey faces Donald Trump and a team ready to see him go home in the "Celebrity Apprentice" boardroom. Credit: Douglas Gorenstein / NBC


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Gary Busey should've been kept on. His teammates are selfish, backstabbing morons.

Gary was the only man on that team that acted like he had some class. Please Meatloaf cry me a river, and you have a seeded past, and who is the guy with dreads please clean up at least Gary dresses like a gentlemen, and John Rich his name should be John Bitch he is an a self centered little girl..Now John don't get mad I didn't call you a boy I called you a girl!

Mr Trump I am surprised you fell for that act Meat Loaf was displaying and very badly I might add. At least you recognized Gary for being a real nice guy. You did not hear Gary attacking others. I could tell that your 2 children were kind of jumping on that kick gary while he is project manager band wagon but really mr Trump arent they all grown men did they really need Gary to tell them what to do? Now that Garys gone who is gonna tell them what to do or are they miraculously going to work as a great team Come on. They are a bunch of babies I hope the girls win and I hope Latoya is the winner.

Gary was the only man on that team that acted like he had some class. Please Meatloaf cry me a river, and you have a seeded past,so why crucify Gary? And who is the guy with dreads....... please clean up ,at least Gary dresses like a gentlemen, and John Rich his name should be John Bitch he is an a self centered little girl..Now John don't get mad I didn't call you a boy I called you a girl! I JUST HAD TO SAY IT AGAIN. Latoya Latoya Latoya I hope she wins it all

Good riddance. Finally, Gary Busey is sent home. While Gary makes for wonderful television, he is the reason why the men's team tanked. However, as was mentioned, the men didn't help at all, especially John and Lil John. They wanted Gary to fail as project manager. We'll see if three w/o Gary is better than four w/ Gary.

It was totally obvious that the Backbone Team was out to get Gary Busey right from the get go. I like Gary, and I think he conducted himself very well especially during the confrontation with Meatloaf. He was calm and soft spoken while Meatloaf made a complete jerk out of himself. Meatloaf needs to go to anger management. The way this man acts he is in need of some immediate counseling. As for John Rich I think he is an arrogant, egostical moron. I cannot stand any of the 3 left on Backbone. I can only hope that someone on the women's team wins. I absolutely LOVE Ne Ne. I watch him on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Ne Ne is as real as anybody gets. She shoots right from the shoulder. LaToya is an idiot. I like just about everyone on the ASAP team. I think Matlin is absolutey a terrific individual.

Idiots - all of them. Nobody likes the sound of Donald Trump's voice more then the idiot himself. The cast of characters is a joke. All of them are annoying which is why I don't watch this show, along with the 95% plus of other Sunday night TV viewers who tune into ANYTHING else. PS: You can't announce your intention (or actually non-intention) to run for national office. There are a boat load of laws against it, as I'm sure the NBC lawyers advised the idiot. If you are supposedly going to run for President, at least be aware of the laws. Idiot.

I liked Gary Busey, he's really insightful and a wise man. I think they guys kinda of gained up on him a bit...but I there definitely needed to be more cohesion in their tasks. It together in the end, but they could've won if things were more clear and percise. Gary is a total gentlemen. I am excited to see next week, someone really needs to put NeNe in her place. Let's see what Star says ;)

The village got it's idiot back!

Experienced gamblers place their bets on lucky players. Trump is a guy that has thrown the dice and turned a few million into billions. He is most qualified to be at the dice tables for America, lets support a winning gambler.

Very tough to watch the fellows regress to that base henchmen's plan to extricate the infirm Gary Busey after their consensual choice to fire him was ignored for weeks by Mr.Trump.

Mr. Busey looked bruised by his team's rejection but these powerplays happen in business and families everyday without receptive, engaged and fair leadership. John Rich's anger was righteous but misdirected and really, how do you blast big daddy-o Donald Trump in his own game.

Hope was superlative, strong, honest and poised- executive material in a new generation Don Draper kind of way. Industrious La Toya's intuition is on the money and the wikipedia page on friendship is interesting in the greater scheme of things. Lil Jon is the smartest by far, supreme intelligence there and charm so it's probably him and Star in the final.

Someone's telling him to, so Trump wants NeNe gone- it's personal- she feels it and her banishment will be manufactured like run in baseball. Will miss very sweet 'Little Prince' Gary Busey- no vultures to clean up, just jaguars now, in for the kill.

Still, in a perfect world, John Rich should win and if possible be cloned many, many times over for future generations- a rare elegant man from another time.

Quite frankly, I would have sent Meatloaf home a while ago, because (sad to say) he is a loose cannon that is going to blow sooner rather than later. He flares up at the drop of a hat and seems to have serious anger management issues.

Gary, for all his unorthodoxy, was effective in what he accomplished. I haven't seen John Rich really stand up and offer any really good suggestions so far. Lil Jon might be a contender, but he is content to just sit back (like Star Jones) and let the others do the heavy lifting till it is time to grab credit.

Oh, and someone PLEASE snatch LaToya up and explain to her that there are women on that show capable of doing her some real harm if she keeps it up.

Gary Busey is a class act, a fine actor, and is way ahead of the arrogant jerks who think they are something they are not. The idea that "grown" professionals are acting the way they are is indefensible.

In spite of the inane rhetoric hurled in his direction, Gary Busey has continued to act like a gentleman, and I only hope his feelings were not too hurt. In case they were, Gary, try to forget their senseless insults immediately! You are great!

He really is handicapped by his head injury. When people are in a competition
it isn't fair to have one person be so bizarre and so unable to focus.
I believe he should have gone earlier, but Trump said he is "good television".

I'm rooting for Ms. Matlin to win. She is a gracious, classy woman who causes
no problems, but just tries to help. So talented.
NeNe and Star are so full of themselves! LaToya doesn't know what to do.
Her little girl voice is so tiresome. The real diva is gone!
All in all, Ms. Matlin deserves the win!

All of those guys acted like grade school babies. All of John "Boy" Rich's boasting about HIS CHARITY and Meatball's big fat fake sad face and the other moron's jabbering on about being there to win. If that was the case they would have gotten behind Gary and added another "chef" and really helped Gary where he needed it. instead all they wanted was Gary out of there. They deserved none of that winning! OOOh people make me soooo mad and of course the donald with his sullen, crabby face doesn't know anything. Stupid meatball should have felt like a total ass for being so wrong about Gary and his paint. Oh and who's the bigger man? Could it be Gary who forgave the idiot? The show has really lost all interest without Gary, who is a great fun humanitarian. Now, I would love to see NeNe's fat ugly mouth out of there. What a bitch, Star too. Good bye!

I think members on the guys team showed their true colors. The way the treated aman that has had a serious head injury is sad and it was sad to see John Rich actually think Gary was out to get him. I think these guys really showed that they are pretty fake.

That Donald Trump would let these backstabbing men and women continue makes me sick I used to like Celebrity Apprentice but now that these women and men lie and do this stuff and Donald Trump lets them continue. I thought I would vote for you but seeing the way you handle this I sure do not want you to have control of my country.

It is so difficult to watch "Celebrity Apprentice" now since Gary Busey is gone!! What a bunch of traitors......I look at the remaining "Men" and think they are nothing!!!!....And definiutely Traitors!! ....Gary was the best....now that comment about only 3 guys left.....they passed off the very best!!! I think John Rich, Meatloaf and Lil Jon were definitely afraid they would definitely lose!!! To Gary! Gary, we are dfinitely behind you!!!

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