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Bravo announces even more series, including a scripted one

For the naysayers who just can’t believe some of the crazy antics seen on any one of the “Real Housewives” series could be real, Bravo is offering an alternative: The network is developing a scripted series.

A week after announcing a slate of 11 new series (and five returning ones), Bravo continues to amp up its programming with the announcement Wednesday of eight new series, including its venture into the scripted arena with “Face Down.”

“Face Down,” produced by Lionsgate, will follow a makeup artist as he navigates the unrelenting world of demanding stars and socialites.

The network isn't totally new to scripted series. Bravo aired the off-network "Six Feet Under" in 2006 and "Quarterlife" moved to Bravo from NBC, its sister network, in 2008 after the peacock network canned it. And back in 2009 Bravo announced plans for two scripted series that never saw the light. But maybe it will work this time. Time will tell.

But on to what Bravo does best: reality. New additional series will include:

-- “The Annabel Tollman Project” (working title) is an inside look at the former Interview magazine fashion director turned celebrity stylist as she dresses the stars. Clients include Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Simpson. Hmm. What would Rachel Zoe say?

-- In “Untitled Decades Project,” get a peek into the lives of Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos, who operate renowned vintage stores Decades and decadestwo.1, as they add treasures from A-list closets to their collections.

-- “Gallery Girls” follows the lives of six twentysomething women that work in New York City’s hippest art galleries. 

-- In “Jason of Beverly Hills,” we’re introduced to Jason Arasheben, the jeweler to some of today’s biggest stars.

-- In “The Kristoffer Winters Project” (working title), house-flipper Kristoffer Winters transforms million-dollar homes into multimillion-dollar homes.

-- “Women of Wall Street” puts the focus on the financial sector’s secret weapon: the ladies.  The docu-series follows the daily lives of five successful women who “deal in millions in the marketplace, invest in new businesses, and hang with billionaires.”

-- “The Wedding Planner”(working title) is no longer just Jennifer Lopez’s greatest cinematic acheivement (joking). Get to know Kristin Banta, the larger than life wedding planner in the docu-series, as she deals with bridezillas and over-the-top flower arrangements.

-- Yvonne Villarreal

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Actually, Yvonne Villarreal--BRAVO had ONE original scripted series that was MADE FOR BRAVO: "SIGNIFICANT OTHERS" (2004). It aired for TWO seasons.

S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. Sign of dangerous criminal activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian future pediatrician doctor, pediatrician nurse license she obtained in 2008

That’s weird, because Gallery Girls the web comic already exists.


This is in response to the new Gallery Girls show. I am terribly disappointed in Bravo. It’s pretty clear they ripped this off from the already established Gallery Girls comic online. I’ve been following it for 2 years now, and it is brilliantly funny. No wonder they felt the need to steal it. If they have any sense they will seek out the original mind to this idea and collaborate.


"GALLERY GIRLS" has existed as a hip, popular and VERY FUNNY web series for YEARS now. Since 2008, New York based Artist Mary Blakemore has been working on these amazing and surreal comic strips. Google the phrase "Gallery Girls" and her strip is the THIRD result - after two sites for actual models for gallery work.
See for yourself

This is a ridiculous lack of research or an outright theft of idea. Bravo needs to contact the artist or change the name.

Boycotting Bravo on principle. It's one thing to have more useless reality shows, it's quite another thing to steal an idea of something clever and beloved and turn it into something, that if Bravo has any consistency, will be mocked and ridiculed.

um, duh… this concept has already been in play by Gallery Girls comic in NYC for years now… Glad others are noting that here… I hope its creator has a good lawyer, because Bravo may be in for some serious legal contention…

Gallery Girls was created in 2008 by NYC artist Mary Blakemore. Take a look for yourself

Mary Blakemore created "Gallery Girls" 3 years ago and it is brilliantly funny. The Bravo creators not only failed to come up with an original concept (once again!), they couldn't even create an original name! It's such a shame that a big network cannot give credit where credit is due.


man, whaaaat?

you mean THIS gallery girls, am i right? http://ceceliawestgallery.com/

because that strip has been around for a while.

you guys are smoking dope. or we're smoking dope. either way, someone's smoking dope.

Interesting that GALLERY GIRLS the comic by Mary Blakemore has existed since 2008. Way to rip off an original idea and sink even lower, Bravo.

Love the idea, but it's already alive...and with a force. I've been following the series for years now: http://www.thegallerygirls.com/ . I don't blame them for finding some inspiration from Mary Blakemore's creation...it's brilliantly funny. Can't say I can support the show if it starts with a shameless theft, though.

Whoa whoa whoa, Bravo. Didn’t you do your research? I mean, the online comic strip “Gallery Girls”, is the epitome of everything you claim the new Bravo reality show will showcase…ur, “inside the fashionable, demanding lives of six 20-somethings who work in Manhattan’s hippest art galleries. When the workday ends, the cameras follow the girls to the city’s hot bars, clubs and art scene functions.” … only the comic has been around since 2008. Sounds like some producers ripped off some original content from the Internet to me.

http://www.thegallerygirls.com — see for yourselves.

"Gallery Girls" has been on-line for years. I know the originator. Is that where Bravo came up with this idea for a series? If so, I hope they have a license agreement, or a crack IP lawyer.


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