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'Big Bang' recap: Guess who's going to man up?

You know that drowsy feeling you get after the first 10 minutes of a really bad animated children’s movie -– somewhere between sleep and death? That’s the feeling I got at certain moments of this week’s episode. So Sheldon’s game account was hacked? Big deal. If I could care less, I would cease to exist.

Of course, the producer and writers turn the situation into an examination of manhood in the 21st century. If this is what is to become of the Comic-Con generation, maybe we’re all headed for extinction. This show has some funny lines, most of them delivered by Kaley Cuoco, the only non-alien among the big cast. She seems to have her character figured out, and I’m not sure that’s the case for most of the others. And, more and more, does Jim Parsons remind you of a damsel in a Tennessee Williams play? The guy’s got comedy chops, but I’m not sure how well that character wears. He’s like a dude on a hot tin roof.

Best line, by Cuoco, on her first visit to a beach with Leonard: “He was so phobic about stepping on medical waste, I had to carry him to the water.”

She also had the best moment in the episode. After warning the guys, “I’m gonna show you how we finish a quest in Nebraska,” she confronts the cyber thief in a way men used to, with a swift kick to the cha-chas. Take that, Todd Zarnecki.

Guess we’re building toward some sort of Penny-Priya showdown at the end of the season. Now, that would be a fight.

--Chris Erskine

Photo: Kaley Cuoco, left, as usual, the best thing about "The Big Bang Theory." Photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick / CBS

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"So Sheldon’s game account was hacked? Big deal. If I could care less, I would cease to exist."

The (rather obvious) points of the episode were
1) Sheldon's over-reaction to the rather trivial situation
2) the group's total ineptitude in handling the interaction with the thief, requiring Penny to save the situation
3) Leonard's screw-up with Priya.
Such exaggerated reactions form the basis for some of the best comedy moments in movies and tv. Ask Lucy & Ethyl or Frasier & Niles.
Sorry you missed those points.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to e-mail me.
I speak "geek" for a living, as you can see from my url.

B at AKC

Wow, didn't think that was an episode to warrant such a scathing recap. I thought it was hilarious; though, admittedly, I have dabbled with WoW and understand how some people can get irrationally attached to it. That said, I don't think you necessarily need to empathize with the situation... the episode was still funny (at least to me) for highlighting all the different characters' reactions to the hacking of Sheldon's account.

Hopefully a future, less geeky, episode will suit you better, Chris!

This was just another in a run of very funny, complex comedy. Sorry Chris, if your spinning class ran up against deadline this week.

With this episode, we continue a solid new set: "the girl's club." Each sort of features a quick punchline from Bernadette in amongst some really good, compact banter. Last week it was her reaction to the electric toothbrush as boyfriend material and this time around AFF prompts her to re-insert her Priya expletive into the conversation, which she does with great expression and timing.

Then we have Howard. Who in each/every episode also gets in a quickie. He has a couple in this episode: first he reminds Raj that lying is probably not the worst thing Leonard is doing to his sister; then he enjoys the Penny v. Priya... 'who ya gonna call' (in an emergency).

I really enjoyed this episode.


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