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'American Idol' shocker: Pia Toscano eliminated

MB1_3215 The "American Idol" voters have spoken, shockingly eliminating the incredibly talented (and widely perceived front-runner) Pia Toscano to turn the top 9 into the top 8, and I think it's probably the saddest night of "Idol" I've ever seen.

At the end of the show, after Pia sang -- just because, it seemed, Ryan Seacrest, who looked a little shook-up by the results himself, wanted to hear one more song -- Ryan begged us to stay with the show for the rest of the season.

"We need you," he said, noting that the night proved that we really had to vote for our favorites to keep them in.

But I'm with Jennifer Lopez, who said, after Pia's name was announced, to resounding boos from the crowd (and Randy Jackson shaking his head and mouthing "No, no"), "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't even know what to say."

Even Randy, who rarely displays anything other than "in it to win it" enthusiasm and "dawg"-gone mild disappointment, confessed that the vote had left him "shocked" and "gutted." Though he was never really mad on the show, he said, "This makes me mad. What is going on?"

Steven Tyler contended that the vote showed an "unforgivable" lack of passion on the voters' part. "They're wrong. I don't know what happened with this," he said.

The credits rolled to shots of wet eyes and the sound of someone –- Pia, one assumes, but really, it could have been anyone -- sobbing.

Someone remind me that it's just a TV show ...

Pia not only had the most beautiful voice in this competition, but also showed one of the most admirable work ethics, and looked and sounded like a million bucks every time she walked out on that stage.

What do I know, but I really thought she had a chance to win it all.

And how brutal is it that, like Casey Abrams before her, she stood with the far-less-talented Stefano Langone in the bottom 2 and watched him be sent to safety as she was sent away.

Oh, cursed "Idol" gods! Is there no way to change the rules retroactively in order to give the judges just one more save and keep Pia around?

Must we really watch Scotty McCreery mug and point and Jacob Lusk preen and shimmy, Paul McDonald sing thinly and Stefano shmaltzily, and not have Pia around to set the stage on fire –- hitting those notes gorgeously full-on and holding them forever -- for the rest of the season?

Cruel, cruel "Idol" voters. I shake my fist at you and take comfort in the knowledge that, what the heck, Pia will have a long, successful career anyway, right? She'll get a record contract and make her way in the music world. Won't she? I mean ... won't she?

What do you think? Please, cheer me up by telling me that you, too, are very sad to see Pia go.

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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Pia Toscano performs on "American Idol" Wednesday. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox

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They have to change the rules...the young girls are voting for the cute guys...the judges have to have a percentage of the vote, or pick the one to go from the bottom three as they do on So You Think You Can Dance...can't believe Pia's gone..will miss hearing her

What a disappointment! You're absolutely right to point out the inadequacies we often see in the other contestants who should have gone before we consider Pia. It's such a shame. Maybe it is time Idol producers consider changing the rule on the "save".

I, too, am very shocked and sad to see Pia go. I thought she was magnificent and I listened to her songs over and over. I hope she gets a recording contract anyway. I think a lot of people will buy her albums - I for one.

I stopped watching Idol after the Adam Lambert incident, that is until this season. Inspite of myself, I was interested inIidol again...and my favorite was , in fact, Pia...I agree with the article. I'm disappointed.

Idol just jumped over the shark. (Look it up if you don't know what it means.) Pia was certainly top 2. Now she's gone. I, for one, won't watch any more. Thanks for giving me three hours a week back.

nothing's stopping you from being an "idol voter" yourself and keeping those whom you find talented on the show! anyone who's upset over pia being eliminated and didn't vote for her is partly to blame :(

She is the most talented out of the group. We are not interested in watching anymore since she is gone.
This is a disgrace. You have a bunch of teenagers voting for the guys. The one clearly talented is Pia!


The truth is she wasn't that good this week. In fact, on another site, she didn't poll well at all, coming in 4th or 5th. I was surprised and wondered if she was in trouble. I think the audience sees the next American Idol as a performer. Pia was a good singer but she was not that great a performer.

American Idol advertisers and sponsors - goodbye! you just lost my viewership and consumerism. Thanks for freeing up a bunch of hours for me. Last episode, and last season for me.

Obvisously its not about the talent, its the commercials, the drama, and the "popular"?

worst decision on idol in ten years. She truly was one of the best they have ever had on the show...without a doubt. I now wonder if there was some error in the counting or if there will be some sort of investigation...America is crazy, but not THAT crazy!

Shocked! first season to watch idol, tonight will be the last.
with out Pia, all they have is Steven Tyler.

You said it perfectly. I can't watch American Idol any more!

we been watching the show with my family also my friends from their house
we all agree that she was the best, sorry but something is wrong
it deserved an investigation or I WILL STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW,this is bullcrap, is no way in the world,this is not aceptable.

I am shocked that Pia was voted out tonight. I hope it didn't have anything to do with what she wore last night. Sorry Gloria, but I wish you would have given the girls more than two choices. I didn't like Pia's outfit at all, and people can unfortunately make that part of the deciding factor. (shallow at it sounds).

It is hardly the saddest night on idol. There have been plenty of shockers before, including daughtry, hudson, and lambert. In fact the last 3 I mentioned were much bigger shockers than toscano, since they truly stood out. Pia is good, but a little boring, and there are other superb singers (although admittedly some not so superb ones). So it is a little unexpected, but oh well. Will she have a career after that: I am not so sure. She is not nearly as good as hudson, and she is lacking in personality and originality. I would not be looking forward t an album from her.

I was shock to see Pia let go! I am sure she will be successful. She could be a Model also. Graceful and lovely. I can still see her going far even if she was let go!

After Pia was voted off, I don't think so it is worth it to watch the show anymore, she is the best. It is going to waste my time to watch American idol.

Casey Abrams is the one that needs to be voted OFF! He is so full of tricks and the judges are buying into them. His singing is not that great and he's not even good looking. He is not what I would consider IDOL material.

I'm done watching this show.. They just knocked off the best unbelievable.. America you are suppose to vote on the talent! Pia is amazing and will be a great success. All of us Pia Fans will be able to say I told you so...

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