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'American Idol' shocker: Pia Toscano eliminated

MB1_3215 The "American Idol" voters have spoken, shockingly eliminating the incredibly talented (and widely perceived front-runner) Pia Toscano to turn the top 9 into the top 8, and I think it's probably the saddest night of "Idol" I've ever seen.

At the end of the show, after Pia sang -- just because, it seemed, Ryan Seacrest, who looked a little shook-up by the results himself, wanted to hear one more song -- Ryan begged us to stay with the show for the rest of the season.

"We need you," he said, noting that the night proved that we really had to vote for our favorites to keep them in.

But I'm with Jennifer Lopez, who said, after Pia's name was announced, to resounding boos from the crowd (and Randy Jackson shaking his head and mouthing "No, no"), "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry. I don't even know what to say."

Even Randy, who rarely displays anything other than "in it to win it" enthusiasm and "dawg"-gone mild disappointment, confessed that the vote had left him "shocked" and "gutted." Though he was never really mad on the show, he said, "This makes me mad. What is going on?"

Steven Tyler contended that the vote showed an "unforgivable" lack of passion on the voters' part. "They're wrong. I don't know what happened with this," he said.

The credits rolled to shots of wet eyes and the sound of someone –- Pia, one assumes, but really, it could have been anyone -- sobbing.

Someone remind me that it's just a TV show ...

Pia not only had the most beautiful voice in this competition, but also showed one of the most admirable work ethics, and looked and sounded like a million bucks every time she walked out on that stage.

What do I know, but I really thought she had a chance to win it all.

And how brutal is it that, like Casey Abrams before her, she stood with the far-less-talented Stefano Langone in the bottom 2 and watched him be sent to safety as she was sent away.

Oh, cursed "Idol" gods! Is there no way to change the rules retroactively in order to give the judges just one more save and keep Pia around?

Must we really watch Scotty McCreery mug and point and Jacob Lusk preen and shimmy, Paul McDonald sing thinly and Stefano shmaltzily, and not have Pia around to set the stage on fire –- hitting those notes gorgeously full-on and holding them forever -- for the rest of the season?

Cruel, cruel "Idol" voters. I shake my fist at you and take comfort in the knowledge that, what the heck, Pia will have a long, successful career anyway, right? She'll get a record contract and make her way in the music world. Won't she? I mean ... won't she?

What do you think? Please, cheer me up by telling me that you, too, are very sad to see Pia go.

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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Pia Toscano performs on "American Idol" Wednesday. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox

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Very sad to see Pia go. I can see how it happened. Everyone assumes she is safe because she is so good.
By the way, is AI going for the worst performers for elimination night? Cause if they are, they have achieved it. Ugh!

It sucks,I'm with you,are we all tone deaf or what, she was the best and was in it to win it,don't understand,totally disappointed!!!!!

I'm finished with the Idol. The loss of Pia tonight is heartbreaking and many needed to go before her. Ridiculous!!!!!

the show is a joke to me now! I was a fan but no longer! Pia was the best singer there and is going home at #9 in the competition? Please...she's going to have the biggest career out of all the singers. She was the real deal, how did America get this sooooo wrong? Hey if she cant get a record contract, she can be a model or actress with that face and body! Pia don't worry, you will still be a star and we ALL know you got a raw deal, even the other contestants know that! Daughtry got a raw deal a few years back and I'd say he's doing well for himself! The judges really blew it by telling you to sing an up tempo song and they blew the save on Casey when they really needed it now! Why not use 2 saves next year Idol? Come on, you cant let something like this happen again...IT'S BAD FOR RATINGS...Shame on you America! Complete and utter Shame!

The fact that Pia was eliminated is an absolute wrong doing by America. Can you not see she is the total package? She is amazing, and was judged completely in an unforegiveable manner. You teenie boppers ruined everything for her, except for the fact that she WILL get a recording contract due to her amazing talent. Watch out America, Pia will prevail!!

Its my second time watching idol and i knew they let the wrong one go!!!!!!!!!!! I belive the Idol judges need to create a plan to bring a wild card so that she can return...if not i know she will make it anyway....keep dreaming Pia you will go far....i think that you should sing with J.LOPE

i will not watch idol any more. the judges should be making the call.

DONE with this show..... Chris Daughtery and now this ..... won"t watch again.

It's not that America did not vote for here. Everyone was trying to save the bottom feeders and literally for got to vote for her.....sad but true.

some gotta win, some gotta lose, goodtime charlies got the blues

This is really sad. Another girls leaves and 7 guys remain. A great singing talent leaves while Britney Spears who can't sing, has a number one album (her sixth) and boring Paul McDonald remains. I will never understand pop music. I am angry at myself for not voting. I thought she was safe I admit. I learned a lesson. I was trying to keep Haley and Jacob on the show. I think Pia will be ok, but I'm not sure IDOL will survive. This is rediculous.

That's what they get for wasting their save on a horrible singer a few weeks ago.

OMG! I always had Pia as my number one bet. Truly, a sad day for the American idol. How could you vote Pia out?

I don't know why anyone is surprised. Pia does not appeal to the teeny bop girls. As long as Idol continues to allow unlimited voting, it will be dominated by the young female voters who have the time and energy to vote hundreds of time for their favorites. The cute boys who may or may not have talent will continue to dominate. Frankly, as a 50 something mom, I did not find Pia attractive to watch either. She lacks stage presence even though she has a great voice. I would have voted Paul off if it were left to me, but Pia is not at the top of my list either.

i will not be watching idol anymore this season. the judges should be making the call as to gets kicked off, not america, because tis just a popularity contest.

Simply put, she was boring to watch.
The outfit last night was horrendous and she walked like a duck.
Good choice America

AMERICAN IDOL STINKS!!!!! What?? Come on people - what are you thinking???!!! PIA WAS THE BEST!!! I truly hope that she gets the biggest break of her life!! She is the most talented, gorgeous, has great stage presence - well --she is outstanding!!
I don't even want to watch the rest of American Idol!! Why - is this show rigged or what!!!

I'm sorry but what is this? Stefano is far less talented? Thats quite a statement to make, considering he was in the top 9 out of thousands of auditions. I would say he is quite talented, and as close to being "as talented as" Pia, more so than lots of people in America when it comes to singing- if you can even measure talent like that. Which I don't think you can. Talent is subjective, just like most things. The talent Stefano has is certainly different than Pia, but that in no way makes him "lesser." He is a different kind of sound, mood, everything, so you can't really compare them. All talents are different, and yeah, some people might be more successful than others, but that could just be because of the tastes of the time, or the lucky break they got, or some special direction that steered them on the right path.. it's all chance, it's all relative. But, no matter what, Pia and Stefano and all the others are hella talented. It's just Pia's talent might appeal to a more broad group as a whole, or then again... maybe not. After all, America has spoken... or not, and Pia is gone while Stefano is still there. Maybe you should click the vote button a few more times instead of making ignorant comments about talent.

When are the people on Fox and American Idol going to change the voting??
It's not just that people don't vote...it's people voting as many times as they want. Does that really give us the "best" or top singer??? There should be a limit like there is on dancing with the stars; a limited amount of votes per phone line. Give me a break.

I am so sad to see Pia go. This is what is wrong with the voting system. Teenage girls crushing on guys and voting for who's popular for 2 straight hours. Quit counting the votes AI and give the judges a say in the end. Oh, and were Gwen's outfits terrible or what!

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